Revolution PRO Night & Day Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This was my first time trying out a Revolution PRO palette. I have tried several ones from Makeup Revolution though, but this is supposedly not the same brand. They are sister brands, but Revolution PRO is supposed to be the more luxurious high quality version. The price point is maybe 1-2£ more for the products compared to Makeup Revolution, but still they are very affordable for trying to take the luxury end of drugstore image.

The packaging on this is quite nice. It’s simple in it’s design with just the name in gold letters. The palette is cardboard but it’s covered in a white faux leather design. It really does make it look very chic. It’s not very weighted, which is something I kind of miss, because if it was a tiny bit heavier it would surely increase the illusion of luxury. I say Illusion because after all it’s just a 12£ palette. You do get a mirror though, which is nice.

The palette holds 10 baked eyeshadows. According to Revolution PRO’s description this palette contains both shimmers and mattes. I do not completely agree with that. I think the shades I assume they think is matte is what I would call satin. They are just not flat matte shades, they definitely got some sheen to them, but you can use them as if they were mattes though. I would say three shades are this satin/matte formula. The Black and the two brown in the top row.

First time I tried the mattes I have to say I was a bit disappointed. They are very light and smooth, but they also seem to be very easy to just brush away. Almost like they had a bit of trouble sticking to my eyes. They were also not very pigmented, and had to be built up, which was a bit of an issue since blending tended to remove some of the eyeshadow. I just really struggled getting the result I wanted. The second try I put on a sticky base and packed on the mattes. That helped a lot. They did not blend away that easy, they stayed much more in place and was easier to work with. I guess they are just one of those shade that require a base. Not a big problem, you can make it work off course! But I have sooo many both affordable and good eyeshadows that don’t at all need a primer, so that tells me that these lack a bit of quality. But, as I already said, you can work around this quality issue and make them work.

Except the black. That’s just not a good black. It’s patchy, and quite sheer. I don’t hate a sheer black (although I preffer very pigmented ones), because if you want to just use them to deepen up a look, they really don’t need to be jet black. If you just want to add a little bit of depth and dimension to a look, a black does not have to be pigmented to work well for the purpose. But, being patchy is a problem. So I just can’t approve this shade.

The first shade in the top row, is also a soft shimmery shade. Quite basic really, but pretty and it works nicely especially if you want something for a bit more natural and soft look. The remaining 6 shades are much more interesting. These are sparkly shimmers, duochromes and even a stunning transformer shade. This part of the palette is so much fun! And swatching them will surely make you go “Woooow!”. They are really really pretty on the eyes though, but a couple of them (specifically the blue and the gold) are very sparkly and pretty but the base is a bit sheer on them. I would like them to be a bit more rich right of the bat, but they can be built up to a nice result.

There are also a few very interesting shades in this palette with some nice sparkles and duochrome shift. You got that classic brown-green duochrome that looks stunning over a black base, and the shade itself is very rich and smooth. You also got the most stunning transformer shade in “Pearlized”. A white shimmery base with a lot of sparkly blue in it. Tapped over any of the other eyeshadows it makes a beautiful blue glittery shift to the look. This shade must be my favorite in the palette because it can change any look you do with it. “Quartz” and “Musk” are also nicely pigmented, applies nicely and has a beautiful sparkle to them. I would wish “Sun Rise” (the gold) and “Midnight” (blue) had the same richness, but as mentioned before these do need to be built up.

I have to be honest. Yes, you can absolutely get gorgeous looks out of this palette. But to be completely frank 5 out of 10 shades I had some sort of issues with. I know it’s a drugstore palette, but I have had so many drugstore palettes where half of the shades did not disappoint me, so I am left just thinking this palette is so-so. Sure, some of the shimmers and especially the transformer shade are super gorgeous and does lift the whole palettes impression up quite a bit.

Although I was happy with many of the end results I got with the palette, the way it performed made me not overly excited about this. I think I will be a bit reluctant to try other palettes in the same series especially if it has a lot of mattes. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but if I did it would be for the sake of having “Pearlized” because that is one heck of a shade! But usually it’s hard to justify a palette just for one shade.

I won’t say that it was a complete miss because I did like some of the looks I did, but overall I am just not too impressed.



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