NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer – Review!

This is one product I just stumbled upon while I was looking at the NYX rack at my local H&M. I had never heard anything about it before I saw it (and not after either) so I was wondering what kind of well kept secret this was. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s very easy to miss out on releases now. You know about what influencers speak about (which is kind of just the few handful of the same products over and over again) and they you pick up a bit if you follow the brand on social media. Basically, you get shown just a small amount, and we all know how crazy the makeup industry has become.


The packaging is very standard to NYX. I don’t really have to read the brand name to know who made this. They have a very specific style. It’s not my style, as I have mentioned many times before. Although I really love a lot of NYX products, the aesthetics of the brand is not my thing. This primer really has the looks of a primer at the lower end of drugstore, although NYX is not at all the cheapest drugstore option.

I do prefer a tube instead of a jar. I just think it’s easier and faster with a tube or a bottle with a pump instead of a jar. Sure, it’s not a huge job unscrewing a lid on a jar, but you know….in the mornings every second counts. I am however well aware that many people prefer jars. Each to their own.


The product inside is very interesting though. It’s a clear gel formula. It feels just like jelly, and you just scoop up a tiny bit and put it all over your face. The product will fall back into it’s original form after a while, so every time you open it it looks brand new, and that’s kind of neat although not really a useful skill.

The primer is translucent and does not add any color or color correcting properties. What it does though it that is gives your skin a lot of hydration. It’s almost as good as a moisturizer, so if you are like me some days and skip over skin care in the morning and just go straight to makeup, having a hydrating primer is very helpful.

The product also claims to make pores less visible. I don’t know about that. Sure, it does help a little bit but compared to an actual pore primer this is not a match. I think this one is better for someone who are primarily after a hydrating primer. In other words, people with dry or dehydrated skin. My skin is normal, and tend to get dehydrated. When seasons change I can also get a bit dry. For me this primer actually works really well.


In addition to hydrating it also adds a bit of tackiness to the skin. The formula is water based, so bear that in mind while matching it with foundations, but I found that the ones I tried applied really well on top. I am not sure if it really helped with longevity, but it did help with the foundation applying nice and evenly.

So, the short summary is: ugly cheap packaging, fun formula and good for hydration. If that sounds like something you would enjoy than it’s worth a shot. I do like it for it’s hydrating purposes, but because if the unpractical packaging I don’t think I would repurchase.



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