Obsession Makeup Belle Jorden Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Obsession Makeup is a quite interesting new brand I think . Or well, not so new but it seems like they are getting more and more known at least. To be honest the brand actually really excite me. They have a very pleasing aesthetics and a very wallet friendly price point. I have tried a few products here and there and I have been quite happy with most of it. This was my first time trying out any of the big eyeshadow palettes though.


The packaging is veeery simple. It’s pretty much a plain cardboard, but the letters on the front with the name of the palette has a pretty design. You do get a mirror, which is nice for such an affrodable palette (it’s only 10£). But the best thing about this is that you have a little dent next to eash shadow so you can easily pop them out. That means you can pop them out of the bulky packaging and pop them in a magnetic palette, or just pick a few to bring traveling or even just rearrange them if you like (the palette is magnetig too). This is a feature of a lot of the Obsession Makeup palettes and I find it to be genious! And if you are just into depotting it makes the job a whole lot easier for you.


The color selection is kind of basic. I mean, this is a warm neutral palette with a pop of purple. Nothing wrong with that, but the color story is not by any means revolutionary. It is however a very nice color story if you like berry and orange tones, if you like neutral glam, and if you want to have all the basics covered in one palette. Because this palette has just that. So even though it’s nothing revolutionary the color story is well though through and offers a lot of variation.


In total you get 16 shades. They are about the standard size of a single pan eyeshadow. 7 of these shades are matte, and you get a very nice variation of white, black, orange, brown, berry and deep burgundy to use as your basic shades. It’s a very nice variation of depth, color and versatility. I found overall that I was quite happy with them. The pigmentation I would say is medium on most of them, but they are buildable so you can get a quite rich impression if you build them up a bit. That makes them quite user friendly but still allows you to get that more deep intende look if you want to. My only dissapointment was the white shade. The white is not very pigmented at all. It kind of barely shows up. Surely, you can use it as a softer matte highlighter shade, so I don’t at all say that it’s useless, I would just have preferred it to be a bit more impactful. The rest of the mattes I was fairly happy with.


Three of the shades have this awkward formula I don’t understand. I am sure someone likes this kind of formula, because it’s fairly common, but I just don’t get it. If you have been reading a few of my reviews already you know which formula I am talking about. It’s that matte base fick flecks of glitter. Usually I just use these shades as a matte, because the flacks of glitter will be barely there after blending, or they will dissappear soon anyway, but I would just have preffered them being just plain mattes. With that being said, despite that I don’t like that specific formula they have the same medium but buildable pigmentation and they blend pretty nicely.


Finally there are 6 shimmer shades in this palette. Overall they are nicely pigmented, and have a nice reflective quality to them. Some of them are a bit more finely milled, like the copper, brown and cranberry. Surely a spritz of makeup spray to dampen the brush will make them pop more, but they shine nicely on their own too. Not the absolute best of the best formula out there, but once they are on the eyes they can look just as pretty as any high end one. The gold shade “A.F” was a bit on the chunky crumly side. Not really a problem, but I did experience quite a bit of fallout with that one, as is usual with a chunkier formula. It’s very pretty and sparkly on the eyes though so in that sense you could say it’s worth the extra effort.

The final verdict is that even though it’s not top notch, it’s a pretty good palette for only 10£. I imagine you would have to be very picky to not like it, because with no doubt you can do stunning looks with this. This is absolutely comparable to a good Makeup Revolution palette, so if you like that quality I am quite sure this one would also be a hit. Overall a nice warm neutral with all your basics at a very affordable price.



2 thoughts on “Obsession Makeup Belle Jorden Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. It definitely looks like a gorgeous palette and I know what kind of formula you are talking about I think the Makeup Revolution Palette I used in my last makeup favorites for October post has a black shade like that.


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