Colourpop Blue Moon – Review & Swatches!

Since the minute they released their first monochromatic palette I was just waiting and waiting for the monochromatic green and monochromatic blue to be released. Colourpop, being known for frequent releases did not let me wait long. And what a beauty this little palette is!


I mean, inside. The outer packaging is just a very simple blue plastic packaging. I wish it was cardboard insted of plastic. I always wish for that. It’s just a more reasonable choice when you think about the environment, as we all should. It does have a mirror though, as I belive all of these smaller palettes do now. They used to come without mirrors to begin with. Who remembers the first versions of Sol and Mar??

Anyway, the inside makes up for the slightly boring outside with a less preferred material. The shades are just so so gorgeous! Although monochromatic blue, this palette is not boring at all. How could blue ever be boring?


5 mattes and 4 metallics really is the perfect amount for a 9-pan. The 5 mattes have a very nice variety of depth. You get a light blue, a mid toned warm blue, a mid cool toned blue, and a rich deep dark blue. My only complain is that Moonlite and Starry Eyed can look a bit simila on the eyes even though Moonlite is clearly more pastel when you look at them in the pan and on swatches. I found the difference to be a bit hard to spot once applied to the eyes. Besides them being a bit similar, the quality of the mattes overall are just great. Easy to blend, super pigmented, and just a pleasure to work with despite being a bit of an unforgiving color. These just are some great great quality matte blues. And so affordable too! How can you not love that right?


The 4 metallic shimmer shades also offer a nice variation with some interesting colors. Both Tide Pool and Mad About U are probably shades we have all seen before. They are absolutely beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I can probably dupe them over and over again just using my own collection. The quality is spot on though, so they are for sure among my best metallic blues. Lumi is a gorgeous duochrome. It looks a bit boring and white in the pan, but when you apply the shade it has the most beautiful blue shift. Billi Jean, the forth and final metallic also offers something special as it looks almost like a hybrid between a blue and a silver. It offers something special to the palettes, and adds to the variety of looks you can do!


I just think the overall qualty of these shadows are superb! And I am not complaining about the color either as blue is one of my very favorites! This little palette really is a must have for all the blue eyeshadow lovers! An absolute must have for me, and with no real issues with any of the shades this palette is a hit through and through!



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