Makeup Revolution Reloaded Blush – Review & Swatches!

I picked up three different shades when Makeup Revolution released their Reloaded blushes a while back. They have plenty of beautiful colors to pick from and I tried to be a bit diverse picking one peach, one pink and one red. For only 4£ each they were well worth testing out I think.


The looks of them tells you that this is on the cheaper end of drug store. I mean, they don’t look bad, they just look and feel like the materials are not the best quality. And when you use them a bi the lid and golden rim gets very scratched up, and after fairly short time the packaging looks old. We can’t be too mad for only 4£ though, but imagine if the packaging was cardboard instead. They would stay much nicer, and cardboard is a better material to use instead of plastic anyways. For the environment I mean. So, I would much have preferred that.


Inside you get 7.5 g of blush. That’s a lot of blush for 4£, so I guess I have even less reason to complain about packaging. I do really like the pretty wavy pattern in the pan. It surely gives the product something extra. I like that!


I think the pigmentation is decent. I mean, there was a big difference between the peach and pink compared to the red. Off course, the red is a deeper shade. Have you tried red blush by the way? I just tested it out for fun many many years ago and I fell in love with it. Just a tiny bit works so nicely paired with light winter skin. You may think you’d have to have medium or dark skin to pull off a red, but with a light hand it’s so pretty. Proper Snow White vibes for sure! The red shade called “Pop My Cherry” is for sure my favorite shade. I had to use that one with a light hand but the peach “Peach Bliss” and the pink “Ballerina” can be applied more carelessly. They show up on the skin, but they are quite user friendly and they give you that nice flush of color without any fuzz.


So, they apply nicely and the look nice and even on the skin. All of these shades have a slightly satin finish, but they basically look matte. They feel very velvety to the touch. Being very user friendly as well as having a nice formula that applies evenly is off course great. The downside of these is that the longevity is not that impressive. After 3-4 hours it was kind of hard to tell if there was any blush left on the skin. So if you care about longevity and want the blush to last all day these might be a bit on the disappointing side.

If you are good with just wearing your blush for just a few hours, and you don’t mind that the packaging looks a bit rough after a short while, I would say they are worth a try. After all they are only 4£. If longevity or fancy packaging is a big issue for you then these are not for you.

Have you tried these? Let me know how you like them!



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