Makeup Hauls – October 2019!

I felt like I barely bought any makeup in October, so I am not really sure how all of this happened. Surely, some of these things were ordered in September, but still I feel like this is a lot more than what I actually ordered. I think I really need to slow down on buying new palettes. I have a hard time managing to review them all. Can’t help it though. I just love all the colors, and all the neutrals.


I was absolutely stunned when Colourpop released the So Jaded palette! I know big palettes are not everyones cup of tea, but I have a weakness for them. Not when they are called Morphe and has 35 shades of 6 different browns, but when they have a lot of variation and color they hit a nerve for me. I am in love with how this palette looks. I want more big palettes like this! I hope their holliday collection is a new huge palette. That would make me happy! In the mean time I’ll just admire this one.


While we are talking about big palettes here’s another one! The Beauty Bay Going Out Out. It was some journey to get this! I ordered this one back in the beginning of May actually. I waited and waited and the package never arrived. After a few months I contacted Beauty Bay about my missing order, but they said that since it was more than three months since the order, and they had not recieved any retuned packages they could not refund me. So I was a bit bummed, and I figured I didn’t need the palette after all, and I forgot about it for a while. But in September they had 50% off their entire line, so I decided to pick this up for half the price. And you know what? Two weeks ago I got refunded for the parcel that was lost in May. It just showed up after all and I got my money back. How lucky is that!


As I find the eyeshadows from Beauty Bays own line to be quite good I wanted to try their highlighters as well. I got the Beuty Bay Ethereal Bouncy Beam Multi Use Highlighter palette and three of the Beauty Bay Gelèe Glow Multi Use Higlighters in three different shades. I think I got some fun options here and I am curious how they work!


I also adore the cute little 9-pans from Colourpop so I grabbet the “Baby Got Peach” and “Lilac You A Lot”. I hope to see more from the pastel color series in the future. I would love a pastel mint palette! I also snagged the beautiful peach blush in the shade “Frisky Business”. Because Colourpops pressed powder blushes has a lovely formula too!


The color story of Obsession Makeups “Black is the new Black” eyeshadow palette is so appealing to me. I really like the looks of it. I hope it performs well. A black palette should have an awesome black in my opinion. I did swatch the silver though, and that looks incredible!

Since I have been really enjoying the Conceal & Define foundation and concealer, I had to try the Conceal & Hydrate too! So I picked up both the foundation and concealer. I have been quite lucky with my Makeup Revolutino foundations so far. Three out of three has been a hit for me, which is quite impressive for a cheap drugstore brand I would say! I hope these are a hit too!

And along in the same order came the I ❤ Revolution Mint Choc Chip primer…..because mint chocolate! I don’t really need a green color correcting primer. I just wanted it to smell like mint chocolate, and it does!


I may have gone a bit crazy with the Colourpop Disney Midnight Masquerade collction. Although I didn’t get everything I got a lot of my favorite pieces from the collection. The packaging is just so beautiful! I got off course the palette, 5 of the blush/highlighter compacts and four of the brand new Lux Liquid Lipstick formula!


Since Ofra has one of my very favorite highlighter formulas I had to make a little dedicated Ofra order. I got the Blush “Mai Tai”, and the highlighters “Bali” and “Cloud 9”. I also got three different shades of the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. I have heard so many good things about their formula, but I have never tried them myself so I figured it was about time.


All my magnetic palettes with Colourpop singles were full, so I had to grab a new empty one. It’s handy to have one of these, because I like to throw in a single or two to complete the order, and I had run out of space to collect them. So I got the new gorgeous one they just releases as well as three singles. And yes, “Smoke Show” off course! The white, black and grey palette so many have been waiting for!


Makeup Revolution release so much they may be even worse than Colourpop. Their numberous releases makes me keep just half an eye on them, but from time to time they drop a collection that gets my attention. Green palettes tend to get my attention in general, but look how beautiful this is! I have a few palettes already in the Forever Flawless series and I am very happy with them, so the Chilled palette got a spot in my collection!

I also got the Blowout Mascara, the Purifying Priming Water and Lip Nourishing Tint in the shade “Energy”.


Finally….more highlighter! This time from MAC! This highlighter palette is absolutely stunning! It’s a limited edition one and it’s called Ignite Wonders Face Palette. I also grabbed the blush “Dainty” because MAC blushes are a long time favorite of mine!

That’s all for now…..I really need to slow down on eyeshadow palettes!

Did you pick up anything fun in October?



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