BH Cosmetics Glowing in Greece Face Palette – Review!

Usually when I am drawn to a collection it’s the eyeshadow palettes that gets a second look and reels me in. But this time it was the blush and highlighter palette “Glowing in Greece” that immediately got my atteintion in Bh Cosmetics summer collection (OK so maybe I did get the two eyeshadow palettes released in the same collection, but the blush palette got my eye first!)


The palette is a simple cardboard packaging which is fitting for the price range, but it does also include a mirror which is great. Inside the palette has 6 decent sized face powders. The top row has three mattes, and the bottom row has three shimmers.


The top row obviously are blushes, but the bottom row has one light champagne which I would only use as a highlighter, but the second and third shades on the bottom row can double as blush toppers or glowy blushes. If you have medium or dark skin I bet they would be beautiful highlighters but for me they are just too dark. They are however super beautiful on their own as glowy blushes. I really enjoyed using them as such, but I also used them with a lighter hand as a blush topper on top of the matte blushes. Just for a tiny bit of shine. All the shades on the bottom row works nicely for me. The blusher shades are lovely. The one that is purely a highlighter for me is nice too, but it’s not a mindblowing highlighter formula.  It adds glow, it looks nice, did not take my breath away. It’s like bread. Useful for meals, but not the work of a gourmet chef.


I don’t feel very systematic today. I just started talking about the bottom row before the top row. That feels a bit weird, to start talking about the top row in the middle of a review, but here it goes! The top row is all matte blushes. All lovely shades, and  I feel like they all differ enough from each other to offer a nice diversity. They look different in the pans, and there is also a visible difference when they are applied. Sure they are all on the warm peachy side of the color wheel, but they still look different on the skin. The two first shades I could use, but the third shade was a tiny bit too dark for me. Sure, I could get away with it when I am tanned. If I remember to pull out this palette for those one/two weeks of the year. If you have medium skin you should easily be able to use the third shade, but then the first one may be too light. The curse of a face palette.


The formula of the blushes are lovely. Just the right amount of pigmentation. It shows up on the cheeks and blends easily, without being overly pigmented. The powders are sikly soft, and for being a very affordable palette I don’t think it has a lot of kickback in the pan. The quality seems nice, and they are very easy to work with which I always appreciate in a blush!


This is actually the first time I try out BH Cosmetics blushes, but I know now they can be well worth picking up. This palette is just lovely and I will have my eyes peeled if they release more face palettes like this. This was a hit for sure!



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