Juvia’s Place Afrique Palette – Review & Swatches!

Afrique is a bright and fun 12 pan palette released by Juvia’s Place in 2018. Inspired by African culture both the colors in the palettes and patterns will surely pick up your mood. It looks to fun!


The design is true to Juvia’s Place regular design. You got these funky ladies on the front cover with a bright orange background. When you open it you get an explosion of pattern an colors where you usually have the mirror (no mirror here as usual), and it surely gives me African vibes. The color story is also fun as Juvia’s Place palettes usually are. Just upon opening the palette I feel like there is so many fun, creative looks to do!


There are 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. Let’s chat about the mattes first. There is a nice selection of both bright, fun colors and some neutrals. This palette really is the perfect balance between color and neutrals. Even though at first glance it looks more like a colorful one, you will be able to just as many neutral looks as colorful ones with these shades. The two brown shades are good. They have a decent pigmentation and blends very well. The deep maroon matte also works nice. These three shades was the three best mattes in the palette.


I rarely have any issues with Juvia’s Place palettes. I really have just been bragging and bragging about them in my reviews. That’s why I was left a bit puzzled when I played around with the colorful mattes. The yellow is not very pigmented. It really needs to be build up, and honestly I don’t really feel I get it exactly to where I want it. That’s odd because they have proven that they can make good yellow mattes with the Zulu palette which I own and love. Not only did I have issues with the yellow, but also the matte blue and matte green. I felt like they were a bit patchy and that they really had to be built up. I found it hard to do more advanced looks with them because getting them even was a challenge. It was kind of like they were a tad too dry. Finally the matte orange, I had minor issues with. It was again not as pigmented as I wanted. Once again they also have a better orange in Zulu. It did not apply patchy, but it needed to be built up more than what I am used to with Juvia’s Place.


For the most part I did like the metallics though. At least Kofi (metallic gold) and Togo (Metallic green) are true to the regular Juvia’s Place formula I feel. I do think Angelique (metallic bone color) was nice but a tiny bit chunky. Maybe it’s the lack of my skills rather than the eyeshadows, but I found it hard to photograph because it looked chalky. I realize that this is not really an issue at all. Most people would not care at all. I found Fifi (metallic red) to not be as rich as I am used to with Juvia’s Place metallics. The last metallic shade “Cotonou” was also the most disappointing. I am used to Juvia’s Place metallics to be so rich, so when I had to build up this to get my payoff, I was just not happy. I feel like they CAN do so much better, so I am a bit puzzled why they didn’t.


Sad to say, even though the color story is fun, and you can get a good makeup look out of it in the end, I am just not as happy with this as expected. I know Juvia’s Place can do nice matte colorful shades, because I already have a lot of them. These shadows just don’t live up to the usual standards. Some of the metallics hold the good old stunning formula, but a few of the metallics also missed the mark.


I love Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes, and I would recommend every single one of them. I would suggest buying any of the other palettes before this, because this one although usable does not live up to the other amazing Juvia’s Place palettes. Just pick another one!

Have you tried this? Did it work for you, or are you also left with the feeling that it’s not as good as the other palettes?



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