NYX Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color – Review!

It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed lip products. I spent some time lately focusing on finishing up a few lip products (referring to my yearly project pan which I got bored of and forgot all about, but I managed to finish 5 lipsticks/glosses before I gave up). Now, these guys I grabbed on impulse while I was standing at a NYX counter (I had no real business at that counter but still left with 4 products….I am hopeless). I figured why not grab two since it’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a lip product (I do have a couple more coming soon though….like I said, project pan is over).


Packaging look pretty standard for being NYX. Although they are on the higher side of the price range when it comes to drug store (at least in Norway) they don’t seem to spend that much money on the packaging to be honest. NYX packaging usually looks cheap, and so does these Candy Slicks. I mean, they don’t look awful, they just look like the target marked is a bit below my age. I can live with that if the products are good though.

Keeping true to the candy theme these smell. It’s pretty intense. It’s not off putting to me, but if you are sensitive to scented products I recommend checking these out in store so you can smell them. The scent does not linger on the lips though, it’s just pretty much in your face while you apply it. I can’t really pin-point the scent, but they smell kind of like sour vingums to me.


I didn’t know what to expect from these. But they feel like something between a gloss and a cream lip product. It’s quite pigmented, but I noticed straight away that the first shade I tried “Sugarcoated Kiss” was not very flattering. I felt like I applied the normal amount of lip product, but still it collected in the inner rim of my lips, leaving me with a very unflattering look. I fairly quickly got it on my teeth as well.

So that did not go so well, what I would consider a normal amount, meaning what I usually apply with regular glosses withouth facing any problems, was a bit too much when it came to this product. So I figured out a thinner layer could work better. It kind of did, but still collected on the inner parts of my lips. Actually, to avoid that problem I had to use so little lip product it was barely there. That could be OK. I mean, no makeup makeup is a thing right? But it was not OK, because it lasted me a good 10-15 minutes and I can’t be bothered reapplying a product that demand extra care and a mirror to apply safely. In short words, this one did not work for me at all.


But that’s why I always pick up 2-3 shades when reviewing a lip product. Sometimes it’s just that shade that’s off, and another shade works better. So I happily gave “Watermelon Taffy” a fair shot of impressing me. Watermelon Taffy let me down. It was exactly the same case with this one.

Sadly, these are a big no for me. They were actually so disappointing that they won’t get a spot in my collection at all. I have too many good lip products to justify keeping those I don’t like. Now, I don’t want to bin new products. I have only used them a few times each, and although I can’t sell or gift them maybe a friend that didn’t mind that I had tried them would be willing to give them a chance? But on the other side, would it really be friendly of me to hand over my Candy Slick problems to someone else? I sense an ethical issue here. I guess I’ll just be nice to my friend and bin these. Good riddance!



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