Colourpop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Super sweet springy peach palette by Colourpop. People went wild over this collection, and I agree it’s one of the prettiest released in all of 2019, which actually is quite an achievement since Colourpop release something faster than most. I do really thing this palette is really really pretty. Both inside and outside.


Now, I guess we can both agree that Colourpop is not the brand to make the most out of their packaging. For the price that is not expected either, but they can be a tiiiny bit on the too simple and boring side (plain packaging with just the name), but this time it looks like they actually has a designer on the job (you don’t need a graphic designer to get the name in plain letters). The packaging is beautiful this time. And it raise the whole feel of the palette to another level. It’s pretty and I want to see more like this!


The color story is pretty too! According to Colourpops own website this it their #1 bestselling palette and I totally see why. The mixture of peach, corals, browns and golds as well as a wide range of textures makes this palette both exciting and wearable with many options.

For the first time Colourpop put one of their famous Super Shock shadows in the palette. A lot of people were worried that it would dry out too quickly, but apparently the formula has been reformulated to a non-drying one. I had this for some months now, and it still works fine. We just have left to see how it holds up one or two years in a palette. This should be the first time they put a super shock shadow in a palette, but I think “Tickled” from the Oh La La palette which was released a while before seems suspiciously similar to a super shock shadow too. The shade Side2Side is the one shades in Sweet Talk with this formula. If you haven’t tried it before it’s hard to explain. They can be a little tricky, but they are very very pretty. Especially the shimmery ones, which are very impactful, and often has a unique sparkle to them. Side2Side is perfect as a topper shade, because you can just tap in on top of your lid with a finger to give the look a whole new dimension.


There is also two pressed glitter shade shades. I am maybe one of the very few who actually appreciate pressed glitters in a palette. Then I always have an option to spice up my looks even further. Glitter are not eyesafe, and on the back of the palette you can read the warning from Colourpop saying they are not intended for use on the eyes. I do take my chances, but if you have sensitive eyes just please be aware that they are not intended for eye use. Some say it’s stupid to put non eye safe items in a eyeshadow palette, but it’s the same thing with many pressed pigments. They have to claim it’s not eye safe even though most people use them without even thinking about it. I have my suspicions that this warning is mostly because they are demanded put the warning there, not because it can’t be used. Anyway, with that being said, I really like the Colourpop pressed glitters. They have a nice formula and are fairly easy to pick up and apply. And off course as glitters most they give the possibility to get your look to the next level.


The rest of the shadows have more regular formulas. Meanly mattes and metallics. I love both of these formulas, as I say in every palette review. For the most part there are mattes (7) and only two metallics. That’s OK because the super shock shadow and pressed glitters gives you as much sparkle as you can get. The quality of both these formulas are great! Good pigmentation, blends well and are very soft to the touch. Colourpop simply makes quality eyeshadows overall. On occasions I find some shades I don’t love or have minor issures with, but that’s not the case with this palette. All shades perform well!

I have no problem at all understanding why this is Colourpops top seller. Not only is the quality amazing, but the great mixture of textures and lovely color story offers something that can cator to very many different people. One of my favorite Colourpop palettes for sure!




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