Makeup Revolution Roxxaurus Contour And Highlight Palette – Review!

I am usually quite happy with Makeup Revolution highlighter and contour products. I mean, they make some insane highlighters that are so cheap! So once again, I just had to grab it. I am guilty of doing so all the time, but it was only 10£ right?


First of all, the packaging looks suspiciously similar to the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice palette, just with a different name printed on. That’s fine, I do like it, but if you have something against fingerprints on your packaging than maybe you wont like it as much. This gets dirty immediately, it’s almost as if even your eyes looking at it leaves fingerprints.


Inside you get no wasted space. The whole thing is just filled with products! You get four contour shades and 4 highlighters. Off course, the issue with this palette, as with most contour palettes is that I can’t use all the shades. The lightest contour is too light, the darkest contour is too dark, and the darkest highlighter is too dark to be a highlighter (but it can be a bronze topper if you like a glowy bronzer and I do like that!).

Overall, I guess that I can use 3 of the highlighters and 2 of the bronzers is decent already but I did also use this as an eyeshadow palette for quick simple eyelooks a few times. I have to say, I would be happy just bringing this for a weekend to use both on my eyes and my face because it worked really well. The darkest contour is dark enough to give the look a nice depth and off course the highlighters are very pretty eyeshadows.


The contours used as contours and not eyeshadows are….OK. I mean I have already the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour and that one is amazing. This one is decent but not as good I think. The pigmentation on these are nice, but I felt like they were a little hard to blend. You will eventually get there, you just need some time to work that brush and it’s going to look nice in the end. I just know that Makeup Revolution previously have made contours that are a bit easier to blend into the skin, so they surely know how to make them, but I feel like they missed the mark a bit here. They are decent, but not as good as I know they can make them.


The highlighters are really pretty though. Makeup Revolution are well known for making affordable and good highlighters. The baked formula is the most intense and reflective one. The others benefit from being layered if you want an intense glow, or maybe dampen the brush, but you can also go a bit softer with the look if you want. None of them have glitter, which I think is great. The two top shades work for me all year round, and the baked shade is lovely in summer. The last one I could not try on my face, but I did use it as an eyeshadow. The formula seems the same as the two top ones.

I do like this. It’s not a bad palette at all, and I would recommend it as long as you are fine with blending a few swipes more with the bronzer brush. But this does not dethrone the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour. I did review that one, so if you want to read a really old review you can do that here!



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