Focallure Perth Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is the first time ever trying out the Focallure brand! This is one of the brands I have known about for a long time, but for some reason I have not been very tempted by them because I had somehow convinced myself it could not possably be any good. But I saw more and more reviews, and surprisingly to me, people seemed to be enjoying them very much. I figured maybe they were worth a try after all.


So I picked up 5 palettes. Sure, that’s me in a nutshell. If I was smart I would pick up one palette, and come back for more IF I enjoyed the formula. But I tend to get carried away a bit and they had several way too tempting palettes to pick from. So I grabbed the Perth palette among those 5.

The palette really is eyecatching. The packaging is a simple cardboard, but I like the design with the aussie vibes it gives me, and you also do get a mirror. The palette holds 15 shades about the size of ABH eyeshadows. The colro story is a mix of cool toned blues, purples and a green along with warm corals and browns.


The palette has a mixture of different formulas. You have your regular mattes. 6 of them to be exact. You also have regular shimmers, in total sevel of them. In addition you have one of those mixed shimmers. You know, the kind we first say in Huda Beauty New Nude palette, and that a lot of brand have repeated. The final finish is a glitter finish, which is also something that has become increasingly popular lately.


The mattes are actually lovely. At least in this palettes. Bare in mind though that the mattes in this palette are fairly easy shades being neutrals, corals and browns. But they blended out without any issue, and the pigmentation was decent. I didn’t experience any excessive kickback or fallout, and the result on my skin looked very smooth. You know, sometimes mattes, especially cheaper brands can make the skin look a bit dry and dust, but these applied and blended really smoothly. So at least the neutrals in this palette is really good. I would be interested in trying some colorful mattes from this brand to see how they perform.


The shimmers I have heard a lot of good things about, so I expected to like them. And I do! They are pigmented and easy to apply. They looked opaque on the eyes and are very reflective. These don’t look like cheap shimmers, and I did not feel the urge to reach for my setting spray to dampen the brush even once!


Pavlova was the only shade that was that special kind of mixed shimmer. The issue with those shades is that I find it a bit hard to look into the pan and figure out exactly how the shade will look on the eyes. It did not look as I expected, but WOW was it beautiful! It had some fine micro glitter in it as well that was hard to see in the pan, but gives a beautiful and unique depth to the shadow on the eyes. So lovely!


The final formula was a pressed glitter. This was the only shade I was not a big fan of. I usually like pressed glitters, but this one was very firmly pressed and not so dense. In addition to that the glitter looked very sparse on the eyes and I found it a bit hard to build up. Sure it can be tapped on the lid just to give you a little extra to the look, and it will look beautiful, but I would have preferred a glitter that was a bit easier to work with. To say it differently, if I need a nice pressed glitter, this is not the palette I will reach for.

With the exception of the glitter I was very happy with the rest of the palette. In the end I just felt like this palette was a whole lot better than I had hoped for. Lovely mattes, and stunning shimmers! I am happy and excited that I have 4 more palettes from the brand to test out!

Have you ever tried a Focallure palette?



3 thoughts on “Focallure Perth Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. I’ve never tried their palettes but I have some of their shimmer/chrome lipsticks and I had one of there cream highlighters. The lipsticks are pretty good over another lipstick and the highlighter was nice but a bit hard to blend in.


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