Revolution Pro Skin Finish Highlighter – Review!

I got three of these cute little highlighters from Revolution Pro. They seem inspired by the MAC skinfinish highlighters, but are not quite dupes. The packaging is black plastic with a clear lid. It’s simple, it’s functional, but it’s not the kind of packaging you want to put on display but it gets the job done. For only 5£ I am OK with the packaging not being ground breaking.


I started off just to test out one of these. I picked up “Opalescent” a my first shade. And I fell completely in love with it! It gives you the most gorgeous glow. It can be built up for more intensity, but the first application gives you that “I am just glowing from within” kind of glow. It’s not glittery or shimmery in any way, it just gives that natural healty glow, but if you add a bit more you can really build it up. I do love a highlighter that can be both! They are just more versatile and will fit more peoples preference because you can kind of manipulate the product to look how you want it to look.


Since I was so happy with “Opalescent” I decided to pick up another shade and got the lightest one “Luminescence”. I swatched it and it immediately reminded me of the Essence Pure Nude Higlighter in “Be My Highlight”. The shade, the shine, the finish is so similar. So I had to swatch them side by side and I swear they are dead on dupes! That’s amazing news for me because the Essence highlighter is one of my all time favorites, but it’s so hard to get! This is a more easily obtainable option, and it’s just as gorgeous!


Unfortunately I did not get to use Luminescence a lot before I broke it. I was my clumsy old self and I just dropped it on the ground and it shattered. I decided I needed it in my life still, so I actually repurchased the same shade. I have more than 200 highlihghters, so when I feel the need to repurchase a highlighter that should tell you something!

While I was at it I picked up a shade more suitable for summer too. I mean, off course I needed a summer shade in this lovely formula! So I got my last shade “Radiance” which is a deeper more tan shade that fits perfectly the two weeks of the year when I am tan myself.


I will put this in clear writing, this is among the very best affordable highlighters I know about! If you like a more natural glow from within (or if you love the Essence one or just wanted to try it) this is 100% worth checking out.

One of my all time favorite Revolution Pro products. A+++!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughs?



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