Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed – Review!

I have a total of 8 different colors in these Colourpop gel glitters, and I am surprised by how often they are used. I am a big fan of glitter, especially when doing more creative or colorful makeup. They just really add a nice dimension to the look in an easy way. Traditional glitters with no base to them can be quite messy upon application, therefore these glitters got my attention as soon as they were released since they have a gel base.

They truly are an easy way to apply glitter! The glue keeps it all together and make them so user friendly. The glitters can easily be placed exactly where you want to have it without any mess. The gel dries down so your eyes wont get sticky, but it also work as a glitter glue meaning you don’t have to take that extra step applying glitter glue first. So so easy, and there is an absolute minimal fallout throughout the day as well.

On important thing needs to be pointed out, and that is that these glitters are not considered eye safe (no glitter really is though). Which is so so sad, because how can Colourpop make all these pretty glitters without expecting anyone to put them on their eyes? Where else would I wear a lot of glitter? I live in a place there you close to never have legs, arms or shoulders free from a layer of clothing (it’s too cold) so my eyes are kind of my only option (well, I could put it in my hair but that’s just not me). However, I do not encourage anyone to put them on the eyes without being aware of the risk. They can injure your eyes if you get some glitter in them since they are not cosmetic grade. Now, I do take the risk myself and I’ve been just fine, but you would have to be aware of the risk before deciding to use them. I am using them in makeup looks being fully aware that they are not considered eye-safe. I haven’t experienced any issues with them, but that does not mean I can’t get problems in the future, and I just want to point out that even they are beautiful on eye looks you should not put them on your eyes. If you want to live with that risk, then well… that daredevil, just know about the safety hazard before you make your choice.

I find these to be a bit sheer. If you want a full on glitter impact you need to put on at least a couple of layers. I really don’t mind that because they layer really well, and sometimes I want a wash of glitter without covering up the eyeshadow underneath, and since they build up perfectly fine I like having both options of both full opacity and a sheer finish. Makes them more versatile.

I had my first ones since they first released them, and I wanted to take my time before reviewing them because of one thing. Some of Colourpop products seem to dry out awfully quick. Since I had the oldest one for about 8 months now I think, and I don’t see any change in formula I feel more confident about them not drying out. They do have a plastic protective lid on them which is important to keep on to avoid them drying out.

Overall, I am very happy with these products since they are such a foolproof way of using glitter, but the biggest drawback (and it’s BIG) is that they are not eye safe. And you just have to take that into consideration if it’s worth the risk using them. But if you do, you will truly be a sparkling queen. For festivals and such they are a fun and easy way to complete any festival look because then you can put them all over your hair and body and fit right in!

But, please Colourpop, make them eye safe!



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