Ofra X Francesca Tolot Face Palette “Gilded” – Review!

Ofra makes the most amazing highlighters which they are famous for. I have a few and love them all. If you want something to blind your enemies with than they got you covered. So, it came to my mind that I wanted to add something more Ofra too my collection, so I scrolled a bit through their collection and found this palette. That peachy coral shimmery blush just pulled me in. I figured that would add something nice and new to my collection, something that I didn’t already have. Because even though I so haev peachy glowy blushes, I don’t think I have anything quite like this. So I didn’t even look at the rest of the palette. I wanted it just for that shade!

The packaging is white, which fits nicely with Ofras new revamped packaging. It has some small colorful details on the front with the name of the palette, but the rest is plain white. It looks clean, classy and it feels nice. The palette is heavy, and even though it’s plastic it does not feel like the cheap kind if you get what I mean. The mirror inside is also of good quality. The packaging just give a nice luxurious and clean looking vibe. I like it.

So, we already spoke about “Venezia”, the blush that made me buy the palette. Or, it’s maybe wrong to call it blush. Both “Venezia” and “Versus” remind me a lot of the highlighter formula just with a bit more color into it and maybe a tiny bit less intense shine. A darker skintone can easily wear these as highlighters. For me they are too dark to be highlighters but they work so well as glowy blushes! Both shades are so stunning, even though “Venezia” is the shade that pulled me in, the pink one has been just as much used and loved.

You also get two big pans of bronzers in this. To me that’s a bit confusing. The bronzer shades are not that much apart from each other, so it’s not like this palette is ment to work on a wider range of colors. With that I mean it’s not one light and one dark bronzer. The two bronzers have about the same depth to them. The difference is that “Bisque” is neutral and “Bronzato” is warm. The subtle difference confused me at the beginning, but thinking about it it kind of makes sense. They both work for me (I recon they would work on anything from light to medium), but I prefer a warm bronzer during summer, and a cool or neutral in winter. So for me this is a nice all-year-round option.

The bronzers have a beautiful formula. They have a more satin finish, and are super easy to apply and blend out. They are just one of those effortless bronzers that you can just apply without focusing too much. It gives just a nice bronzed glow to the face. The neutral shade also works as a contour. Both the blushes and bronzers in this palette are spot on when it comes to formula, and at least for my skintone they are spot on regarding shades too. I can use every product in this palette and they fit nicely and work great.

The only thing, and I actually think it’s a big thing, and that’s the composition. I just really with that one of the bronzers would be a big nice pan of highlight. Because even though I have gotten good use out of both bronzer shades, I just don’t think a 4 pan face palette needs two bronzers. A highlighter or another shade of blush would have made this a lot more versatile. Now, there is a simple solution to that because the pans can be popped right out and replaced with any of the refills on Ofras website, and that’s very very clever.

Even though I would prefer to not have two bronzer in this palette, I am very happy I got it. The blushes have a formula and finish that is quite unique even to my larger collection, and both bronzers do work nicely and fits me well. The overall quality of the products and the packaging is just great! I really do recommend it, but I am debating if I should pop in a highlighter as a replacement for one of the bronzers.



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