Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost Lightweight Hydrating Gel – Review!

A while back Makeup Revolution released skincare that seemed very much inspired by The Ordinary. Since that they have released a bunch of skincare items from serums, oils, masks and hydrating sprays and I am sure we will see a lot more in the future. Makeup Revolution is like Colourpop a brand that never sleeps.


I am a bit here and there when it comes to skincare. I have tried,used, and loved products from any place on the price range. I know that both affordable and expensive skincare can be good. But to be completely honest, the more expensive products I have generally more success with. With that being said, nothing excites me more than getting something good and cheap, becase sometimes I just don’t want to spend 60$ on a serum or 100 $ on a face cream. I splurge occationally, but I preffer spending money on eyeshadow palettes and instead have some affordable options for my staple skincare products. I guess this is just a long way of telling you why Makeup Revolution skincare is worth checking out for me, you know, just in case it actually is cheap and good.


First of all, the jar is surprisingly nice for being just 8£. It’s made out of solid glass, that gives it a bit of weight making it istantly feeling more luxurios. The design is simple, clean and classy with rose gold label and lid. The overall impression is that this feels and looks more expensive than it is.

The cream is fragrance free. It smells like face cream but not in the cheap way if you know what I mean. It’s a pleasant scent without perfume. It’s also vegan. cruelty-free and contains hyaluronic acid for hydration.


The cream has a wonderful lightweight gel formula that just melts into the skin upon application. It feels like a drink of water for the skin! It absorbs quickly which means it’s great to apply in the mornings before putting on makeup because you don’t have to wait for it to sink into the skin. It melts in almost instantly.

With this being a gel formula it could work nicely to add hyrdation to oily skin. I myself have normal but dehydrated skin that can lean dry when seasons chance. For me this cream adds plenty of hydration most of the time, but I do think it’s not rich enough if I get a bit extra dry. If you have very light skin I believe you may find this not hydrating enough, bot for normal to oily skin I think this works great, at least it does for me.

Being halfway through the jar I can definitly see myself picking up another one. A very nice cream for at a very good price point!

Have you tried anything from Revolution Skincare? Do you have any hits or misses to share?





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