Makeup Hauls – September 2019!

September has come to an end and it’s time to do a little summary about the new things collected. It’s always fun to do this posts, both to keep track on what is entering my collection. And you can also consider it a review preview. I usually get around to review all my palettes. It may take a while, but you know eventually. So if you see something you really ant to know about let me know, so I know what to keep as a priority.


The Blush Tribe Laila 2 is the green palette of my dreams. I haven’t tried it so far so we are stricktly speaking color story, but I have enjoyed Blush Tribe shadows in the past and have high hopes for this one. I also got the three beautiful pigments. I figured they would go nicely with the shadows in the palette.


The amount of Colourpop palettes being released is aboslutely exhausting. I really do try to keep up, because I love the formula but they really are making it a challenge for me. Here is Strawberry Shake, Orange You Glad, and California Love. California Love I actually ordered in June, but it never arrived. The package just got lost in the mail, but I really wanted the palette so I re-ordered it during a sale they had on palettes not that long ago.


On that already mentioned sale I also got The Missunderstood palette from their Villain collection. Was not the Villain collection one of their most epic collections so far? I think so at least. This one has been on my list for a long time, and I am happy to finally own it.


We are not done with Colourpop just yet though! The fall palette Whatever had to be mine because I love the pinks and burgundy shades mixed with stunning glitters and metallics (I still like the colors of last years fall palette “Good Sport” a bit better though).

I got three of the Just a Tint crayons as well. Am I the only one getting 2012 vibes? I feel that was the time every brand released crayon lip products. Anyway, these seems like something I could enjoy so I decided to pick up a few to do a review later on. Let me just test and try first.

I also stopped by a NYX counter and I picked up the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Then I saw this NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer and I was wondering what I have missed. I have never heard or seen anything about this, but it seems like a new product to me. Did I just totally miss something? Anyway, I picked it up, because I want to do a review of it!

I also got two of the NYX Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color. This is also a product I haven’t tried so I hope they are good. I picekd up two shades just to test them out properly.

I am not done with the palettes though! Last months haul I showed off the Glowing in Greece and the Summer in St.Tropez and I also mentioned that I had also picked up the Beautiful in Barcelone. Finally it arrived, and it’s so pretty. I don’t know, I feel like the color scheme offers something different in a way. Maybe it’s just because it has a lot of cool tones, but either way I really like the looks of it!


And, can we talk about this Revolution PRO Day&Night palette? I haven’t worn it on my eyes yet, just swatched the shade, but the seem so smooth and rich and beautiful they almost seem too good to be true! Or at least to good to be affordable. I mean that blue and those duochromes are to die for! So So pretty!

Finally I picked up a palette from Revolution PRO’s sister brand which is Makeup Revolution off course. This is the Makeup Revolution X Rachel Leary Ultimate Goddess palette. To be fair I just got this one because the pure gold highlighter looked kind of special. I don’t think I have one like that. Unfortunately somethings weird about this palette. Notice that the two last shades are exactly the same? I didn’t decide if I should bother return it or not.

Did you pick up something fun lately? Or what is really high on your wishlist?



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