Colourpop Brunch Date Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The Colourpop palette I almost didn’t buy! I usually pick up every one of them. I am only missing two palettes from my collection that I didn’t manage to pick up before they were discontinued (Semi-Precious and Sweet Nothings), but besides those two I have every palette with 8 shades or more (I never cared for the quads or 6-pans because I rarely reach for small palettes). In other words, Colourpop palette usually tempt me a lot, but this one did not. For one reason only: It has two heart shaped pans. I have a slight allergy against heart shaped items, and I felt those heart shaped eyeshadows (resembling the yolk of an egg) was a bit too much on the 14-year-old-candy-cute side (no offence to heart shape lovers, it’s completely fine to like hearts I am just being cynical).

But, despite the “cute” hearts I decided to pick it up and it has grown on me for sure. I do really not like the design. It just feels like the target audience for the design is a few decades younger than me. But I do like the shape of the palette. I realle with Colourpop would release more of these long sleek palettes. So far this is the only one, but I really do want to see more of this shape! There is also a mirror inside which is handy.

I do like the colors in this palette. At first glance it is awfully boring. I mean, a fully neutral palette with ONE pop of color (blue off course) is a bit 2017 isn’t it? With that being said the neutral shades are beautiful, and at least the blue is not a shimmery teal but a gorgeous matte blueberry blue. Off course a color lover woldn’t even give this palette a second glanze, but since I like both neutrals and colours I have to say that I really like the looks of the shade in this palette, and in real life it looks a lot less boring for sure!

The palette has 12 shades which is a normal amount of shadows from Colourpop, itæs just the shape of the palette that is so different. There are 6 shimmers, 5 mattes and one of those matte base colors with glitter.

Colourpop adds those matte based shades with flecks of glitter very often, and I always complain, and I will do so again today. These shadows usually works just as a matte shade becaue the glitter just flies off and dissappears as soon as you blend, so in my opinion it’s absolutely pointless to add the glitter. Why not just make the shadows matte in the first place? The shade “Extra Slice” is a bit different though, because it seems to be more packed with glitter than usual. Which means it just spreads everywhere when you try to use the shade as a matte, but if you pack it on a sticky base the glitter is still to sheer to really show up, and just falls off down your face because it seems like the matte pigments sits on the sticky base and the glitter just sits on top untill it falls off. So you get a bit of glitter sprinkle down your cheeks. I really do despise this shade. I rarely say this, because usually if I find a flaw in a Colourpop shade I am able to get it to work somehow, but this is a failure for me.

The rest of the mattes work very nice though. And the beautful matte blue “Brunch Club” is so so stunning. It’s actually a pressed pigment, but for being a blue pressed pigment it’s surpringly easy to blend out. But the color is such a rich, yummy blue! I didn’t have any issues with staining either which can very often be the case with red, pink or blue pressed pigments. That matte blue is just lovely. The other shades are more basic, and aboslutely no issues with them either. They are pigmented and blend well and just perform as I am used to with Colourpops quality mattes.

The 6 shimmers are really nice. They have a slight variation in finish. Some are more satin, some lean more metallic while others are a bit more sparkly. I didn’t have any issues with any of them, but the shade “Sundae Funday” which has a bit sparkel to it, is a bit more on the chunky side while the pure metallics and satins are much more smooth. Sunday Funday is very soft as well, so it actually broke. Not during shipping but it didn’t handle being chaffled around in my basket of makeup. I managed to repress it, but I would not travel with this palette again with this experience, because it’s suck a pretty shde and I would hate to break it so much that I would not be able to repair it. This time it went well though. The rest of the shades I didn’t have any issues with at all.

So with a few issues with a couple of shades, the rest works nicely. The stunning blue actually pulls the overall impression of the palette a lot higher. This is a really high quality matte blue, that is both easy to work with and packed with pigment without staining the eyes. So that shade alone is a nice treat in itself. Also, I am no at all in love with the packaging but all in all I ended up enjoying the palette and I am happy I got it despite my initial reluctance to do so.

Now I just hope for more palettes in this shape!



3 thoughts on “Colourpop Brunch Date Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

    1. You can probably dupe the shades in this palette quite easily if you have a larger collection. The blue is very good though, I think that one is the hardest to dupe if you want something with the same quality, but the rest are fairly easy I think 🙂

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