Juvia’s Place Loose Setting Powder – Review!

I actually haven’t tried anything else from Juvia’s Place than their eyeshadows. OK, I am lying I haev actually tried their blushes too, but I haven’t tried any of their skin makeup. Their new magic foundations have been raved about (although, I have yet to try that one) but they also released a matching concealer and powder.

I decided to pick up the powder. The reason being I didn’t really have any loose powder with colors on it. This powder comes in 5 different shades and I got the shade “Sahara” which is for light to medium skin tones.


The powder cost 12$, which is not a frightening amount of money, but the container is so small! Although the price is fair the amount is a bit on the stingy side I feel like. I bet I will finish this powder quite fast if I use it on a regular basis. The container is a small jar with a regular sifter and with a red screw-on lid. The design is simple, and may I say a bit disappointing for being Juvia’s? Usually they have such fun packaging. This powder just seems oddly plane in comparison. I mean, it’s nice enough I guess. It just does not have the same uniqueness as their palettes.


The powder itself is finely milled, and looks nice on the skin. It gives a little bit of extra coverage since it’s got some color to it. It does mattify the skin a bit, but it does not keep it matte for very long. Now, I don’t have oily skin, mine tend to be normal to dry, but I could see some shine on my forehead after a few hours. I don’t necessarily want the flat matte look, so I don’t mind at all. But I don’t think this is the best for shine control.


If shine is not a problem for you this is absolutely a decent loose powder. Still, I cannot shake off the idea about this being “just a powder”. I mean, it does work for sure, and I like how it looks. But I was not wowed by it- Not the same way as I am when I use my Charlotte Tilbury powder for instance. Off course, we are talking too different price tags here.

I can’t really point out any wrongs here. I like the powder and I like how it looks but it does not really stand out in any way for me. I like it enough that I will happily finish the jar, and I might even pick it up again on sale. But somehow this is “just a powder” and next time I need a new loose powder I will most likely try another one hoping it will be a better hit.



2 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Loose Setting Powder – Review!

  1. I saw this product in ULTA and was curious and about to purchase it but was having a hard time matching my skin tone. Thanks for this review. I think I’ll go back and purchase it to try it. I also want to the liquid foundation, have you tried it?


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