Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas “Halo” – Review!

I am one of those who just use my concealer to do a cut-crease or a halo eye. Nothing wrong with that, it works like a charm no doubt. But the only issue is that since I am lazy, and I use the wand directly on my eyes, it may have happened that some pigment from the eyeshadow get into the concealer tube. And I can tell you something, if that pigment it blue your concealer is not going to look that flattering anymore.

So, a product solely for doing that kind of work intrigued me. Plus it also doubles as an eye base. Makeup Revolution does have this in several different colors, but I picked the shade “Halo” as a white can help colors pop!

The formula is quite pigmented, and it definately helps crease a paler canvas to make shadows pop a bit more. I really like how this works as an eyeshadow base, because it really helped eyeshaws stick better. I found this one to be particularly helpful with more drier and dustier matte formulas. It helped the shadows stick much better to the eyes, and it also helped enhance the color. This one is really good for more pale colorful shades like pastels! So as a base, I love this!

The product itself also works fairly good for cutting the crease or carving out that halo eye. But the wand, which is a brush, is not small enough to do detailed work like this. There is also way to much product on the brush, so I have to go in with a different brush and pick up the product from the wand before applying it. Sure it works, but I find it a bit tiresome that I can’t go in with the brush applicator directly and have to use an additional brush.

The amount of product on the wand is also a problem. It’s almost like the product is not really viped off the wand when you pull it out of the tube like it normally does with tubed products. The result is that everything gets so messy. After pulling the wand out of the tube a few times, there was so much excessive product that things started to get really messy. The product kind of gets everywhere, and now I am at the point where I have to vipe off the tube to clean it every time.

I could probably just buy a concealer just for the sake of using it to this kind of work, and have a tube that actually works better. Problem is I really like how this works as a base. Even though, this is not the only white based eye primer out there, and I think I would rather try one of those instead of picking this one up again.

Sure, the product itself works great and I really like what’s inside the tube. The problem is the tube, and I actually find it to be a big enough problem so that I won’t repurchase. I mean, I should not have to have this product messig up everything when I use it. I hope they fix the tube problem, because if they do I would be happy to pick this up again.

What is your favorite white eyeshadow base?



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