Colourpop Blush Stix – Review!


There is just something about a good cream blush. A good one will give you that natural skinlike flush of color to the cheeks. So I was very exctied when these guys came out. I grabbed three colors to give them a proper test run, but we all know Colourpop and they have plenty of shades (and will probably produce many more) so there is something in their collecion for every skintone and preference.


I picked up the shades Mic Drop, Mini Me and Pretty Thing. They all come in the same plastic stick. Sure, plastic is not the most luxurious packaging but it will do! They show off the color of the blush on top of the cap, which is so handy! If you are like me and have more than one shade it means you don’t have to open up one or more of them to know what shade it is.


I really like the pigmentation on these. They are pigmented enough to give just enough payoff with one swipe, and it’s not too much so you have to be overly careful. Simple to use in that matter.

How creamy they are to apply depends a bit. When I had them in my makeup bag in my bathroom I found them easy to just apply to my cheeks straight from the stick. When I took them from my makeup room to use them I found that I needed to warm up the stick a bit with my hand. The reason off course is that they are a lot softer if they are a bit warm, and my bathroom is pretty warm while my makeup room, where I store a lot of makeup is cooler to keep the product from turning bad. I find the longevity of makeup is not as long in a typical bathroom environment, so my makeup storage is much cooler. And that’s also why the stick was a bit more troublesome to apply after being stored in there. Not a big issue, but a cooler makeuproom/bathroom may cause the application to be a bit less effortless. I did find that it worked just find when warming it up a bit on my hands though. I just rubbed off some on my hand and picked it up with a synthetic blush brush. The skin heated up the product so that it was easy to apply.


And it is quite easy to blend too! It did not interupt my foundation underneath. I preferred to apply the blush before I had any powder on my face, but it happened on a few occations that I completely forgot the right order of things and applies the blush on top of powder. Although it’s easier to blend into foundation that has not been set, it did work just fine applying the blush last too! It didn’t remove the foundation underneath either way and blended nicely.

My overall impression of these are really good. The only problems to pinpoint is that they can need to be heated up first. Another thing, which is strickly personal preference, is that I don’t really like the looks of the packaging. But the product itself applies well, looks absolutely beautiful and had much longer longevity on my skin than a typical powder blush.

I could absolutely see myself picking up more shades in the future.

Do you have a favorite cream blush?




8 thoughts on “Colourpop Blush Stix – Review!

    1. Yes, some of them do! This one does not, but applying a bit of blush on your hand to warm it up and then pick it up with a brush to apply it to the face, usually helps prevent the blush from moving the foundation around too! 🙂

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