L’Oreal Pure Clay Exfo Mask – Review!


Is it just me or did L’Oreal relase some interesting skincare items ltely? I always apprecate a good mask. I probably use masks 4 or more times a week, so I enjoy testing out new ones. And being a quite frequent user I also enjoy testing out affordable options (my chickens don’t lay gold eggs I am afraid).


This is a clay mask with exfoliating properties that is supposed to clarify the skin and get rid of dead skin. It contains three different types of clay as well as read algae to clear the skin. I don’t really have problems with unclear skin, so I can’t really tell how that works, but I did find that the mask left my skin looking very refreshed and glowing.


I do feel the exfoliating effect when washing it of. It’s definitly there, but it’s not very harsh. If you hve sensitive skin that’s probably a good thing, but I would prefer something a bit more abrasive.

It’s not a moisturizing mask, but it did not strip my skin of moisture as I feel some cleansing masks can do. Sometimes I preffer to do a cleansing mask fist, and then a moisturizing one after to balance the skin a bit better, but with this it was enough to just put on a serum and a moisturizer.


Now, I almost out of it, and the big question is off course if I should buy it again? I am a bit torn. First of all I like how refreshed and clean my skin looks after use, and I do like that it does not take any moisture away from my skin, but on the other hand I don’t really feel like it does an awfull lot more than many of the other masks I’ve tried. Also, the packaging is a bit…..dull.

Overall a decent product that definitly  did some good for my skin, but it just did not wow me.

I think I would rather try another one hoping to find something exciting and good rather than picking up this one again.

Have you tried this? Or what is your favorite clay mask?



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