My top 5 favorite Colorupop products!

I have said on several occation both on my Instagram and here that I cannot possably pick a favorite Colourpop palette. I could fairly easily pick out a few that would not be my favorte (Like She, Golden State Of Mind, Yes Please), but I just would not be able to pick say a top 5. There are just too many I love.


But what I can do is to talk about my top 5 products from the brand! I haven’t tried everything, but I have actually been through quite a lot of their line. I am missing a few producuts like the jelly much shadows, the stick foundation and a few other items, but for the most part I know my way around the brand. So I want to talk to you about the things I treasure the most! So in no specific order, here are my top 5 products from Colourpop:


1.Pressed Powder Eyeshadows: Even though I find it to be an impossible task to pick my favorite palettes from Colourpop, they are just too many good ones, I can’t make a post about my favorites withouth talking about their eyeshadows. They are just fantastic for the price, actually they are fantastic regardless of the price, but it’s nice to get great stuff for little money. Now I am specifically thinking about their pressed powder eyeshadows, and both the single pan ones and the ones in the palettes are equally good. The general quality of the shadows are usually very consistent, and that’s one of the very great things. When I order a Colourpop palette, no matter what color or finish it is, I can trust the quality to be great. I am pretty sure these are one of the finest eyeshadows within this price range. And since Colourpop is Colourpop and release palettes almost faster than people change their socks, they naturally have a palette option avaliable for every preference out there. I just love these palettes, and keep on buying them. I am actually a bit scared to think about how big my Colourpop Eyeshadow collection must be 2 years from now, but I just enjoy them so much!


2. No Filter Concealer: The No Filter Concealer is also a big hit for me. By far my favorite item of all the items in the No Filter line. I love how it looks like a concealer. It gives nice coverage, blend easily, it does not rease or emphasize fine lines, and I just really like how it looks. It also works great as an eyeshadow base for me, and since the tip is very presice and easy to control I also use this concealer to cut the crease, and I don’t even have to go in with a brush because the applicator is fine enough. So this is just a great concealer and a great multi-tasker for only 6.50$.


3. Colourpop BFF Mascara: Do you know any other brand that has as many colorful mascaras as Colourpop have? Coloeful mascaras has been a gap in my collectino that I have been unable to fill. Before these released, a colorful liquid lipstick or liquid liner was what I would have to use to get some colorful lashes. Now I got it a whole lot easier just applying some fancy colors with a mascara wand. Also these mascaras are very volumizing and pigmented so the colors actually show up! Such a lovely and unique product. Or, maybe not the product is unique, but the amazing range of colors surely is. In this department I think Colourpop is unmatched. I am not aware of any other brands that offers something even close.


4. Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter: The Super Shock Highlighters is one of their really old school products. These highlihgters was actually one of the very first products I picked up from Colourpop. At first I liked them, but I did not love them. It just took me some time to figure out how to properly make them work for me. I don’t like applying things with my fingers, so the key to falling in love with these highlighters was just a matter of finding the right tool to apply. And now that I do (it’s a synthetic highlighter brush) these is among my all time favorite highlighter formula. Not just a favorite among Colourpop products but these highlighters are a highly valued addition to my fairly large highlighter collection. I have some in singles and some in palettes, and the formula is just so lovely. My oldest one, Lunch Money, is three years old now and still works like a charm (It’s almost finished actually) so I don’t experience having a problem with these drying out as with the Super Shock Shadows. Just the loveliest highighters and I much prefer these to their pressed powder highlighters.


5. Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gel: The final amazing Colourop product I want to talk about it their Glitterally Obsessed glitter gels! These are by far my most used glitters because they are so mess free and easy to apply. It’s just so easy to add a bit of sparkle to a look with these glitter gels withouth making a mess on your vanity, and withouth having glitter fallout all over your face after a few hours. These just stay in place, and these’s no need for a glitter glue. Plus they also come in a whole lot of stunning sparkly colors!

What are your favorite products from Colourpop?




5 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite Colorupop products!

  1. Colourpop has some great products for the price even if buying internationally, I’ve been getting into their palettes and I’ve purchased quite a few of their single eyeshadows. I also don’t mind the BFF Mascara’s and their gel eyeliners are okay its hard to find colourful gel liners at more affordable pricepoints the only other brand I know that does them is Inglot and in Australia they retail for $30AU each compared to $6.00US its still cheaper to purchase them internationally than purchase a few from inglot.

    I recently picked up Flexitarian from their Super Shock Highlighter range and I love it, you don’t need much to look like a glowy goddess, lol And the concealer isn’t bad either I like that they have a big shade range.

    Do you use the glitters on your eyes? for some reason I thought they weren’t eyesafe, but maybe I was mistaken.


    1. Flexitarian is one of my favorites too! It’s so so stunning, I really get why everyone seems to hype about them.

      I do use the glitters on my eyes. You are right they are not considered eye safe, so I am taking chances here. I was reading a bit about it and it seems like glitter is not eye safe even if it’s cosmetic grade. After all, it’s something you can get in the eyes either way and it can get irritated. So I don’t think you can “legally” claim a glitter is eyesafe, but correct me if I am wrong. It’s like red pigments, the manufacturer has to write on the palette that it’s not eye safe, because it can stain and sometimes give an allergic reaction. I take my chances on those as well…..I had my fair share of pink and blue stained eyelids though, which is not the cutest look 😀


      1. Yeah i totally agree, i still use glitter shadows on my eyes but loose glitter i feel more wary of. But even if i use a glitter glue with the shadows i still notice fall out on my face. And I’m sure that some of that could end up in my eyes.

        I prefer bio glitter but i also use regular in eyeshadow i figure i already purchased them i may as well use them i just remove them with a disposable cotton round instead of washing it off but saying that there will always be a small fraction that might go down the drain.

        I hope in the future brands look to using more eco-friendly glitter in their products.

        I’m like you i take my chances using pigmented eyeshadow I’ve never had a reaction and the staining doesn’t last to long.


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