Garnier Fructis Macadamia Hair Food Hair Mask – Review!

I usually stick to makeup reviews, but sometimes I get inspired to share some haircare or skincare items I have formed an opinion about. So today I am chatting about this hair mask that I have used lately.


I have thin nordic hair that have a bit of curl in them. That means my hair gets avfully quickly tangled and dry, while at the same time it easily feels heavy and flat by certain products. So for me the key is to find something that softens and gives moisture withouth making my hair feel heavy.

This hair treatment I have used for quite some time now. The jar is 390 ml, which is a nice amount of product. Since I also have a bit of length to my hair, and like to apply masks to my scalp as well, I tend to run out of smaller jars after 3-4 uses. This one has already lasted me 8 treatments while using a generous amount of product and I still have probably at least two more treatments. So it’s a big bonus for me that I don’t have to run out and by a new one all the time. If I pick up a couple of these I am settled for a few months.


This one is made specifically for dry and unruly hair, and thats my hairs trademark I feel like, so no wonder I really like how this works. I feel like it’s soothing to my scalp as well. I like to apply it on dry hair about 20 minutes before a shower. It’s fairly easy to wash out, even if I put in a generous amount, and it does not leave any residue on my scalp or hair. My hair feels softer after use, it definately feels more moisturized, and it stays tangle free for at least a couple of days after use (very good for being my rude hair).


Surely, this monsterous tub of hair mask is not the most luxurious thing you can put in your bathroom self, and won’t serve as a display piece, but it gets the job done, at least if you have hair like mine.

As a bonus it’s vegan, and it’s cheap! So if your hair are a bit on the dry side this is a cheap but efficient (and lovely scented) product that I for sure will repurchade again. Recommended!

Do you have a favorite hair mask? Leave me a tip in the comments!



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