Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection “Gilded” Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review!

The third and last palette from the Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection eyeshadow palettes that they released during Holidays 2018. I have already reviewed the other two, the Silver palette and the Rose Gold one, and now it’s time for the Gold palette!

The packaging again is aboslutely stunning, just like the rest of the palettes from this collection. The frosted finish gold gives a luxurious look to it. Inside you get a good sized mirror that’s actually quite good, and the plastic background for the shadows are simple, black and with the shade names written on it! I always prefer when Makeup Revolution (or any brand for that matter) actually have the name in the palette instead of printed on a plastic sheet (we all loose them right?). Overall, packaging looks quite nice for being just a 10£ palette.


You get a top row of 6 larger pans of eyeshadows which are all foils. And let’s just talk about these foils for a moment. If you have read my reviews of the two other palettes from the Jewel Collection then you know that these shadows are absolutely insane! The pigment just goes on and on, the shadow is soft and smooth like butter, and the metallic foil is so intense. Still, this is hands down the best foiled eyeshadow formula I have tried from the drugstore! This palette is worth picking up just for that top row of foiled goodness.


The second and third row are smaller pans. A bit too small for my liking actually. I would have preferred larger pans with fewer shades, because you will go through these shadows fairly quickly if you use this palette on a regular basis, and to be fair some of them are a bit similar. However, composition-wise this is the best among the three palettes in the Jewel Collection offering the most cohesive color story and largest variety of shades among the three. If I were to pick up only one of the palettes from the Jewel Collection, it would without doubt be this one!


The smaller pans in this palette are 14 shades altogether. 10 of them are mattes or aaaalmost mattes mening they could arguably have a soft pearl sheen to them, but the basically looks matte on the eyes. Then there are 4 shimmers, that compared to the foils seem quite dull. I guess they are good for the days when you don’t want to look like you have melted metal on your lids, but when you compare them the shimmers just seem a bit lackluster. Pigmentation is OK, they are just not very reflective. Only one of the 4 shimmers had a formula I was not happy with, and it was the shade “Heartfelt”, It was just a bit sheer, crumbly and chunky without really adding that much to a look.


The mattes in this palette I was fairly happy with. The pigmentation will not blow you away, and they need to build up. Besides that they performed nicely. I didn’t have any issues with them going muddy, blending away or going patchy. The just performed nicely and as long as you are happy with building up shadows they perform well. I could wish that the black was more intense black though. But that’s just preference. I like my blacks jet black and pigmented, but honestly a more sheer black like this one is much easier to work with, especially if you like to use a black to just deepen a look. Then this black is fairly user friendly but I personally like deep, rich blacks a bit better.


Surely, not the perfect palette. There are a few nit-picks here and there, but overall this is actually a very good purchase after all. As mentioned before, the top row of foiles shades makes it worth it no matter what. Those shades are just stunning! They perform just as well in all three palettes, but the overall impression of this palette is actually much better than with the other two. The reason being that the 14 smaller shades just seems much more cohesive, and much less repetitive in this palette than the rest.

So just for the foiled shades, I would say any of the three palettes from the Jewel Collection are good choices. They all have wonderful foiles and if that is what you want then pick the palette with the foils of your preference. However, as an overall impression this palette scores a bit higher and is my favorite among the three in the collection.



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