Jeffree Star Supreme Highlighter “Diamond Wet” – Review!

Highlighters are usually very tempting to me. Heck, I have a drawer full of them so obviously I love some glow. They are the cherry on the top of the cake when doing makeup in my opinion. Just that finishing touch to final the look with some gorgeous glow is just so satisfying to me. Who does not want to look glowy and fab? I do, but usually I am not the biggest fan of glittery highlighters and that’s exactly why I have been avoiding the supreme highlighter formula until now because this is more of a glittery formula.


But, there was several people bragging about how beautiful it was, and I remember I saw it in action on a few Youtube videos just when the collection launched, although I can’t remember where I saw it, but the highlighter looked so beautiful I just had to try it!


Sure, it is a glittery formula. That’s not a preference of mine, so the Supreme frost highlighters have been something I have steered clear of. But this one is glittery in a very nice way. Sure it’s not an everyday highlighter for me personally, but if you don’t mind a bit of glitter this really is a beautiful formula. It’s glittery but glamorous. Not “I-am-in-my-early-twenties-going-to-a-festival” kind of glittery. Sure the festival glitter can be fun, but a glamorous glitter I think I am more able to pull off. I am not in my early twenties anymore, so when you add a decade to that you get skin that don’t pull off glitter all that well anymore.


Well, I have seen other people in their thirties do it, so whatever you feel like you should just go for, but I don’t find it to flattering on myself in general. But this glamorous glittery highlighter is as flattering as a glittery highlighter can get on me, and I am surprised to learn how much I actually like it! I actually like it so much that I would not mind picking up another shade in the future.


This is not the highlighter I would wear in the sun. That would be too sparkly for me. But when it’s buffed into the skin, and the lighting is a bit more forgiving. like during the evening then this highlighter gives you that beautiful shimmery wet-look. This is absolutely an evening kind of highlighter for me, but it’s a darn pretty one!

If you like glittery highlighters, or just want to easy your way into trying one than I would absolutely recommend this formula. It exceeded my expectations and is one of the very few glittery highlighters I can add to my favorite highlihgter list!



4 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Supreme Highlighter “Diamond Wet” – Review!

  1. These do look beautiful, I’m with you I’m not big on glittery highlights generally but I do have a couple that love that are the exception. This shade looks beautiful and I’m sure would suit many people, Jeffree Star isn’t a brand I purchase from but I have to admit occassionaly he brings out products that are tempting.


    1. Honestly, I usually feel too old for glittery highlihgters, but once in a while one of them just works for me like this one 🙂 In my opinion JS brings out a lot of tempting stuff, but I understand why many people feel the brand is a bit controversial.


    1. I have one in the original formula. I think the shade was summer snowcone. It’s not my favorite formula. It’s just OK, but for the price it should be better I feel (maybe I was just unlucky with that one shade though). Peronally I like this formula a lot more. I kind of hope he release the same formula without glitter! 🙂

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