Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette “Lightgasm” – Review!

Usually I am very lucky with Charlotte Tilbury makeup. For the most part I have been loving the products I have tried. But since they are quite high in price, not so easy to get a hold off, and taxes increase the price even more I don’t buy from the brand very often. But just looking at this palette I knew I would be willing to pay the full price and the taxes to get it.


Honestly, this is (by far) the most stunning face palette I have ever seen, both inside and outside. This piece is simply stunning and worth picking up for someone like me who collect makeup almost regardless of the performance. But off course, I want (and expect) it to perform anyways!

Inside you get four face powders. Two highlighters, one glowy blush and a satin bronzer. The face palette comes in a slightly darker version as well, but I chose the lightest one called “Lightgasm”. You get one light champagne highlighter, on darker more peachy highlighter, a glowy pink blush and a bronzer that is quite light.


I think the one shade that does not really fit into the palette is the darker highlighter. The combination of shades means that in my eyes no person can fit all. The bronzer is simply to light to fit your skintone if you are dark or tan enough to use the darker highlighter. I figured the concept of making a version for light skin and another version for darker skin was that if you have light skin you will actually be able to use all the shades. I don’t think the darker highlighter is particularly dark though, it fits me well when I have a tan. But when this highlighter fits my skin both the bronzer and blush is too pale for me. And I don’t find it very practical to pull out a face palette just for one shade. So in one way I can, as a person with light skin, use all the shades, but not at the same time. So if I want to be very picky (and I can because it’s expensive) I would have preferred to have all shades in the palette fit my skintone simultaneously. A different shade of blush would have been better in my opinion.


I do like the bronzer though. It’s a really nice color with a satin finish. It does not look dull, too grey or to orange. Just a natural, beautiful bronze. It is very light though. Too light for me in summer. But if you are one that struggles to find a bronzer shade that is light enough this is worth a try.

The blush is just stunning. I love a glowy blush, and this one is just perfect. Again this one fits light skin nicely, and has to be built up on me a bit when I have a tan, however it does work on my skin all year round. It gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks with a soft flush of color. Really easy to apply, and makes you look healthy. My favorite powder in this palette for sure.


The highlighters are, well, the shades are pretty standard. You probably have these shades already. They does give a very nice glow to the skin though. They are not super intense, so don’t think you will get a blinding highlighter with this palette. This is more glow than blinding, which off course also is a very nice look, but if you prefer intense highlighters I don’t think this palette is for you. At least not since the price is 60£. If you can appreciate a natural look these highlighters really gives you a natural, but healthy glowing look .


Overall, the appearance of the product is stunning, both the powders and the packaging look expensive and so so gorgeous. This is without doubt my prettiest packaging I have in my collection. If you have light skin and prefer a more natural look, and don’t mind spending a bit extra on getting a stunning packaging for a high-end brand, than I would absolutely recommend this to you. I am very happy to own mine. If you are a leaning more towards medium (either natural or with tanning) I think this is too light for you, and if you think the best highlighters are the most blinding ones then I would skip picking this up as well.

But if you love a natural glow and appreciate pretty packaging, I think you will like this as much as I do.

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