NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner – Review!

I have given this gel liner a fair run before writing this review. I have actually used this so much I am starting to run low. I have about 1/4 left of the pot and figured I could write down a few opinions about it.

I bought this when I ran out of my Maybelline gel liner (which is a great one!) and needed to grab a new one quick. The NYX Epic Black Mousse liner was actually the only drugstore option I could find in the store. It left me wondering if people in Norway don’t use gel liners? I mean I went to visit 5 or 6 stores that sold makeup and this was my only option. So I grabbed it. I kind of had to.

Despite the name it’s not very moussey. It feels just like a regular gel liner in my opinion. Maybe even a bit on the firmer side. And this is my firts problem with it. Being so firm I found it to not glide as easily on the lid, Now, I am 32 years old and probably have a bit more fine lines on the lid than the average 20-year-old and that means that a firmer formula that don’t glide on that easily takes a bit of work to look nice and even. I found that I had to go over the liner several times to get it to cover the fine lines in my lid. Maybe not an issue if you are younger, but I can imagine someone my age or older need to go over the liner a few times to make it look even. And we all know how liners work. The more times you have to go over it, the more chances you get of messing it up. Suddenly your line is a bit thicker than you intended to.

The formula also made it a bit hard to make that really sharp wing. It’s just a bit too thick to make that razor sharp wing easy to get. Not impossible by any means, but I found that I had to focus a lot more with this than I am used to with other gel liners or liquid liners.

With that said, the formula is nice and black. Not epic, but it’s a proper black. I really don’t like it when liners go grey upon application. If I buy a black liner I want black, not grey, not charcoal, and this liner did a good job with keeping a nice matte black shade.

The formula is pretty budge proof as well. It had no problem staying in place, even on my water line the whole day which I also find to be a important trait. No one wants to spend time making a nice tidy wing and seeng it “fly away” after 5 hours. So the formula is pretty budge proof, although not water proof so it was fairly easy to remove at the end of the day.

The pot has a protective plastic thing inside the lid, that after a while fell off. I kept it on, which I think it’s very important, but it made it kind of hard to screw on the lid. The formula does dry out farily quick so I still would not recommend removing anything that can prevent it from drying out. I found that after a couple of months it had dried out so much that it made it even harder to apply. I had to use duraline after a while, and duraline does wonders. I don’t think I would be able to go through the whole pot withouth adding duraline though. It would just be too dry.

However since it’s a nice black shade, and stays on pretty well it may work if your eyelids are younger than mine. Belive me aging does not make the makeup game any easier. So for someone younger I can imagine it works fine. But I would not recommend it unless you have some duraline avaliable or you may have to bin it before you are half way.

I will not repurchase this one again, simply because I know there are better options out there (like the one from Maybelline, or Inglot if you are willing to pay a few extra coins).

I will, with duralines help, finish the pot. So in that matter it was not a total miss, but taking the problems with application into consideration this is not something I will repurchase.

Do you have a favorite gel liner ro recommend? I would be happy to know more suggestions!



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