Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette – Swatches & Review!

Not as colorful as the usual Juvia’s Place palette, but the Warrior is not any less stunning. As a lover of both neutrals and colorful eyeshadows I appreciate the full range of Juvia’s Place palettes. If you are very much into color, you would probably be more tempted by other palettes in their range, but we don’t all want to wear those bright fun looks. Some of us wants some nice neutrals, and it’s fab that Juvia’s Place can offer palettes for many different tastes of makeup.


The Warrior palette has the classical apperance of Juvia’s Place palettes with cardboard packaging, no mirror and some badass warrior ladies on the front cover (I mean, why can’t I look this cool!).


Inside you get a stunning variation of golds and neutrals. If you like shimmery browns and golds, than you got it all here! The palette holds 9 shadows, where 3 of them are mattes. The mattes they put in are really sensible choices I think. One base/blending shade, one mid toned warm brown and one dark deep brown. So with this palette you can go dark and dramatic, og completely neutral. You also have a shade that works as a liner along the lash line (maybe even your brows if you have really dark hair).

The 6 remaining shades are all of Juvia’s Place delicious (and unbeatable) metallic formula. These are packed with pigment, and almost feel like butter to the touch. Thiss formula is just so lovely, and I don’t think I know anything that can beat it.


The mattes are good too. But Juvia’s Place mattes are not that special in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, they work very well and have very nice pigmentation, but they don’t stand out so much to other brands matte shades as much as the metallic does. I for Instanse prefer Colourpop mattes over JP. They are good, but simply not the best mattes I know. But the metallics are on point!

The palette offers some truly stunning shades of metallic champagne, bronze, copper and gold. If you are into metallics and rich coppers, gold and browns this really is an excellent palette.


If you think it’s too neutral, than don’t worry. JP got all your color cravings covered as well! The brand overall is usually very consistent with their formula so I really think you hardly can go wrong with their palettes as long as you like the colors.


If you have been reading my posts a bit, you know I have a weak spot for colors, but I have to say, this palette was a big hit too!

Have you tried any of their palettes? If you had to name a favorite what would it be? I would stuggle to choose between Tribe and Magic, but I really have enjoyed every single palette I have tried from them.



One thought on “Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette – Swatches & Review!

  1. As someone who doesn’t wear too many neutrals , this is a very nice and cohesive palette . I like how even though they are neutrals they don’t look boring , the swatches on your arm are beautiful.


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