Colourpop Just My Luck Eyeshadowpalette – Review & Swatches!

Colourpop never disapoint me when they release something fun and colorful! When they released Just My Luck around St.Patrics day (naturally) I was off course extra excited. I got a weak spot for greens and a cute little all-green monochromatic Colourpop palette is what my green dreams are made of.


If you have seen these small little monochromatic palettes before you know how they are. Simple packaging, simple design, made of plastic and with a mirror. I wish they didn’t make them out of plastic. I don’t know I just feel like cardboard can be much more sustainable than plastic, and honestly cheap plastic feels and looks cheaper than cheap cardboard. I think I mention this every time I review one of these small palettes, but honestly the world has enough plastic in it!


But let’s focus on the positive here and that is off course all the green! 5 mattes, and 4 shimmers in different green tones. The shades are really pretty, and has a nice variety to create depth to your green look. You got the basic greens you need to do a look, and some gorgeous metallics to spice it up. I do however notice that most of these shades are cool-toned. That surprised me a bit. Not in a bad way though, it’s just that I often find that greens in palettes lean more warm. So in that matter this little palette may offer you something you don’t have already even if you own a green palette or two from before. Because even though they don’t stand out that much to begin with they are definitly not common greens.


When you see a pastel in a palette, you know that you are up for some excitement. Pastels seem to be very hard to do, and even with brands that are quite good at making high quality eyeshadows, you never know when a pastel pops up if it will keep that standard. Pastels seem to be tricky and a bit moody. Some brands nail them (just quickly mention the Jawbreaker palette which has some amazing pastels as a good example) but I find that the majority of brands do trouble a bit with them. So how would this pale green pastel shade in this palette compare. Well, I think this is among one of the better pastels I have tried. Especially since it’s a true pale pastel. It’s quite pigmented from the get-go but you can build it up really nicely and it does not feel dusty. I very often find that true pastels are hard to blend or build up because they seem to just dust off the lid so easily, but I did not experience that with this one. It blends and build so nicely. In other words, they nailed it. Can we hope for a full on pastel palette now maybe? I would like to see that.


How about the rest of the shades? Are they at Colourpops usual standard? I would definately say so! If you are not sure what that means, it basically means great. Much better than what you could expect from the price point I would say. The metallics are smooth rich and buttery, and the mattes are pigmented and so easy to blend. Overall great quality. If I should point out one thing it would be that the shade “Kiss My Hass” has a bit more kickup in the pan than what I am used to from Colourpop, but other than that the shade performed really well.


If you have been searching for a nice little green palette than this is one I would highly recommend. It has it all: greens, great quality and low price. Thumbs up!



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