Colourpop Creme Gel Liner Pencils – Review!

These creme liner pencils was actually one of the first products I picked up from Colourpop a few years ago when I was starting to get to know the brand. I don’t remember the shade names of the pencils I used to own but I had one brown, one silver and one lavender. I loved them at first! They are so pigmented and applies so well on the water line, but all three of them where binned after a fairly short lifespan. I mean, I have these retractable pencils that have lasted years and years, so I don’t know why these went bad so quickly. The one that lived the longest was binned after three months. Even though they where cheap that is just too short of a lifespan and I told myself I would not buy these agian. I mean, a bad product is a bad product even if you only pay 5$ for it.


But when they released a whole bunch of fun colors lately temptation got the better of me. I figured they maybe had reformulated the pencils since they did such a big launch with many colors and I was hoping that my previous issues with the formula was fixed. And who can resist fun neon colors anyway? So I picked up three shades to try out. Still with my previous experience fresh in mind I did not want to go overboard and pick up a whole bunch of shades, but I knew that if the issue was fixed I would but a whole lot more.

At first, these are really fantastic. So creamy, so pigmented, so easy to apply and with great longevity. They really are the best of the best. I got really excited about how well these perform. I used all of them in different looks. Then, aproximately 4 weeks after I used the orange pencil for the first time, I got issues. The pencil was dry, it simply would not attach to my waterline. I tried warming the formula a bit on my hand. Did not work. I rubbed the pencil on the waterline over and over again but it would not build up. I was left with a sheer wash of dull orange. By a pencil that just a few weeks ago applied neon orange completely effortlessy. The pencil was dried out. It could still be applied on the skin, but with a significantly more thugging on the skin. I really had to rub it on the skin to get any color. And what happens then? The pencil is so soft it breaks off in pieces.


The green (Electric Daisy) and the pink (Insomniac) are not dried out as muchas the orange (UNTZ). They still work on the waterline, but much less effortlessly than before. I have to rub the liner quite a bit on the waterline to make them work (they are all probably 7-8 weeks at this point when I write this). They still perform nicely on the skin, but they are also more firm upon skin application than they were to begin with. One obvious way that show this is how they swatch. First swatching the green, I knew the pencils are soft and a bit fragile, so I tried to use them carefully. I really felt like I applied just enough pressure to get the payoff I know these guys can give, and the tip just kept snapping off.


Same story with the pink. They are both semi-dry and I can’t put the right amount of pressure on them to get payoff without them snapping. Also, worth to mention is that they snap inside the tube, so they don’t snap because I have them screwed out to much. I have the smallest amount screwed out, but they break inside the tube (that happened to two of the old ones. They snapped at the very end of the crayon leaving them just wigling around in the pencil tube. It’s almost like they have too much space inside the tube that cause them to break easily).


With them all swatched they are undoubtedly very vibrant and beautiful. If they only had a little (and by little I mean much) longer lifespan I would have loved these.


Sure, they are cheap. And sure, the first 1-4 weeks they are nothing less than amazing. But, since they dry out so fast and just have so many flaws I just can’t say that they are even worth 5$. I would rather spend 20$ and have something last for years.

I know this is probably a very unpopular opinion, because I have the impression that people in general just love these. But I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that I have had 6 pencils, and they all did not have a very long lofe span. These are just a big no for me!



3 thoughts on “Colourpop Creme Gel Liner Pencils – Review!

  1. shellssells

    This seems to be the case with so many of their items. Colors are great, products are great, price points are great. But don’t expect to have them too awfully long in your collection and still working. It’s frustrating!


  2. Lorna Stafford

    Really glad I found this review, with the constant stream of releases in makeup nowadays, very few people/reviewers actually find out how a product holds up a month later! You’ve saved me about €30, think I’ll save up for some Linda Hallberg instead. I just wish she had the colour selection of CP. I have to hand it to them, they release some beautiful shades, but I think they’re churning out so many releases they’re neglecting the quality of their stuff. A similar situation seemed to happen with the Jelly Much release. Everyone raved about them but a few weeks later some people realised they were dried out and unusable, but it flew under the radar because everyone had moved one. It’s like they know we’ll get distracted by their new releases so no one will realise we made a bad purchase….


    1. I also found that some CP products seem to dry out. Like these pencils and the super shock shadows. I hve heard about the Jelly Much shadows drying out so I haven’t tried any of them for that reason, same with the potted liners. But for some reason the super shock highlighters don’t dry out. My oldest one must be three years now and works perfectly still (although it’s almost gone by now). I had a lot of success with their powder products like blush, bronzer, eyeshadows and such. They cannot dry out after all 🙂


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