Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Hydrating Essence Spray – Review!

Makeup Revolution have been diving into the world of skincare lately and have released a whole bunch of serums, creams, masks and sprays. I don’t mind getting myself some affordable skincare so I have been trying a few pices out, among them this Hyaluronic Hydrating Essence Spray. I mean, after having such great experiences with The Ordinaris super cheap but effective skincare I got hopes that this could also be decent.


I have to be honest though. I bought this with the intention of using it as a finishing spray and thats mainly how I have been using it. And I am a fan! The spray is quite….generous….so I found that while using it as a finishing spray I like to keep it at a good distance from my face while sprayning and it works fine and the mist distributes evenly.

Since this is not a finishing or setting spray per se then naturally it does nothing for keeping you makeup stay on longer, but it does makes powder melt into the face. The thing is though, since this is a hydrating spray it works amazing to use as a finishing spray when I have a bit of dry skin. And I love it for that. I usually have pretty normal skin, but it tends to be a bit hydrated when the weather change and this has been my go-to on days when I felt a bit dehydrated or my skin has felt a little dull.


Sure thing, it also works as a mositurizing spray. When I don’t wear any makeup I have enjoyed spritxing a bit of this on my skin a few times a day just to refreshen and hydrate. It does not leave any residue, but your skin feels a bit tacky for a minute or two.

Which brings me to the third way of using this. As a hydrating primer! I really do think this helped making my foundation apply nice and even. Besides, hydrating under your makeup is always a good thing right?


Design wise this is not the most beautiful bottle out there. It’s just a basic spray bottle in plastic, but it gets the job done and hey, how much can you really expect from a 6 £ skincare item. I would rather pay for quality than packaging at least.

As a bonus this spray has a refreshing scent of grapefruit, which I love. It’s not overpowering, just a fresh hint and it does not linger.

As you can probably tell, this one was a hit for me, and I would highly recommend giving this a try especially if you tend to be a bit dehydrated. I am curious to check out more from their skincare line.

Have you tried anything? Did you find any hits or misses to share?



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