Violet Voss Flamingo Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Can you imagine a more summery palette than this. It’s just the colors, the layout, the packaging, even the name. Everything reminds me of summer. So even though this is an older release I figured it was perfect timing to start doing some looks and a review of it.


I only have one eyeshadow palette from before from Violet Voss, which is the Hashtag palette that I really do enjoy, and that I really can’t say anything negative about. But I have heard so many mixed opinions about this. A common opinion people seem to share is that it’s not as good a their previous palette. Well, one thought that pops into mind is that their previous palettes before the Flamongo was basically nothing but brown. Their palettes used to look like the expensive equivalent to Morphe (old Morphe, you know 35 shades of mid-tone warm brown Morphe. Seems like we all have stepped away from that. Even Tarte makes colors now!).


I agree that this palette is different than their previous formula (although, my only palette to compare with is Hashtag since I’ve never tried those holy-grail-ride-or-die-best-friends-forever-palettes). But I don’t agree that this palette is bad. Actually I really had a lot of fun playing around with it and coming up with looks, sure it does have some quirks here and there, but while doing looks I did not experience having a hard time creating looks. On the contrary I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the process. Sure, there are a few flaws which I wil get to, but when the overall experience with the palette is that I have fun while doing looks with it. Then I think it’s a darn good palette. Because makeup is supposed to be exactly that….fun! Not perfect, just fun (and that goes for the results too. Doesn’t matter if you look perfect as long as you enjoy it yourself!).


I can already tell this is a long review, because I have already rambled on for a while wihtout really even talking about the actual palette. Well, packaging is super cute as mentiones. Fun colors, flamingos, sandals, palm trees and summery colors. It’s in cardboard with a mirror, and not particularly slim. It does have some weight to it and feels sturdy and of good quality.


You get 20 shades and a total of 36 g of eyeshadows. That’s a generous amount I would say! Most of the palette is colorful, but you do have the very basics in a matte cream shade, a light warm brown transition shade, a mid toned warm brown crease shade, and that always handy matte black. Besides those basics everything is colors.

There is a total of 11 mattes and 9 shimmers. Overall, the quality of these shadows are good. I felt like they performed well. Flamingos, Oceanfront and Lemonade are quite pastel light shades and those need to be built up a bit. I don’t really find that odd because I usually find that to be the case. I found it a bit harder to build up Oceanfront than the two others, but I am under the impression that pastel baby blue shades are very hard to make (or at least I have very many of them that has medium to low performance) so all in all, I think this shade did pretty OK considering it’s a moody shade. I did eventually manage t build it up as I wanted, but my favorite way to use this was actually to blend out Beach Ball because that really made the blend seemless.


While talking about Beach Ball, this is a shade I really like the colors of. But as I wore it withouth a primer underneath I got some heavy stainging on my eyes that did not want to leave my face for the first 24 hours. So, I had to walk around looking like I had a black eye. Not the most flattering look. I even tried to cover it with concealer and it still shone through. So, use a primer, you will regret not to! Althouth it stains, the color is very pigmented, but still easy to blend out.

The basic shades I mentioned briefly to begin with works super. The black is actually a really good black, and since that is one of the most usefull shades in this palette I can appreciate that.

Overall the shimmer shades work really well. I found them to be true to color and perform well. I did prefer to use them with a setting spray, but they work nicely withouth as well. Two of the shimmers, Seashell and Pineapple are more of a sheer finish. The kind of sheer because it’s meant to be sheer, not because it’s a lack of quality. These to are a bit more sheer than they may appear in the pan, but they are more like inner corner highlight shades or topper shades in my opinion. I absolutely love to wear Pineapple in the inner corner. It’s such a pretty shade for that, especially if the brush is dampened. Then you get a proper shimmery, yellow, inner-corner-pop!


Is it not as good as Violet Voss usual palettes? Well, if I compare it to Hashtag I didn’t really have any negatives to point out about that one, while with the Flamingo palette I have several things to point my fingers at. But to be fair, some of the colors in the Flamingo palette is much harder to make than your standard neutrals. However, even though it does have some flaws (and the Hashtag didn’t) I much preffer the Flamingo just because the fun of it. Flamingo is just more bright, and fun and easy to explore colors and combinations with compared to a basic warm toned neutral palette, so for me this is the winning palette.

I would absolutely pick this one up again!




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