Beauty Bakerie Blending Eggs – Review!

I fell for the super adorable packaging! I mean, having beautyblenders in an egg carton is just so clever and cute! So when I was in need of some new beauty sponges I had to try these. Also, considering they are only 17£ for 6 sponges they are a steal!


The packaging comes with three blue and three pink eggs. It looks like a proper egg carton. Being a crazy chicken lady then off course I can appreciate that. The blending eggs comes in two different colors, but as far as I can tell that’s also the only difference between them. There is no difference in how they work.


Off course these are ment to be dampened before use as most of these egg shaped beauty sponges. It does expand, but not all that much. This again leads to the blending eggs being quite firm. One advantage to this is that they don’t seem to soak up too much product, meaning less is waisted which is a good think. On the other hand I also felt like it took more time to apply foundation with them. It takes a bit more time to distribute the product. For reference both the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques sponge are much softer and in my opinion distribute product better.


As for longevity I was honestly a bit dissaointed. I have used three of these sponges untill they started falling appart and that was only after 6-8 weeks. For comparison my Real Techniques sponge usually last me 4-6 months and a Beauty Blender well over 8 months. So even though the blending eggs are much cheaper I don’t think that makes up for their short lifespan.

The lifespan as well as them being a bit more firm than what I personally prefer means that I probably won’t repurchase another set of these. Although they are super adorable and affordable I would rather pick up a two pack of the Real Techniques sponges that will last longer than all 6 of these and even apply my foundation better.


I truly wish I could have made a better review of these. I really like buying from smaller brands and since this was my first encounter with Beauty Bakery I wish the outcome could have been a bit more positive. But when doing a review, showcasing my experience and opinion is the whole point, either it’s good or not so good.

If you do prefer a more firm sponge than maybe these will be a hit for you though, but personally I won’t be picking them up again.

Have you tried them? Did you have better luck than me or do you prefer other tools?



3 thoughts on “Beauty Bakerie Blending Eggs – Review!

  1. I really love the concept of these sponges, so cute. There’s nothing I dislike more than firm/hard sponges though. Such a shame that this didn’t work out. Also, so weird that the lifespan is so short. I’d rather spend my money on Real Techniques then! Great review! xx

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  2. Awh man I almost bought these a few months back because I thought they were cute too!
    Shame they dont last as long, I’ve tried one of the elf sponges and felt like it was too firm, and it soaked up a LOT of product and when I finally got the RT ones, much lighter, absorbed less product etc. I honestly dont think I would change my RT sponges for anything lol



    Also did not like their firmness. It felt almost like hitting my face with a little rock 😀 Of course that is overdramatic, but I am used to use much softer sponges. And yes, their longlastivity is also on the boarder of being a reason to actually return them. Mine lastet also only 4 weeks or something like that.


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