Limecrime Softwear Blush “Hyperlink” – Review!

This is actually my very first Limecrime product. They have been through a bit of controversy over the years, but it looks like the brands have sorted things out and their popularity seems to be on the rise. Some of the Venus palettes have for sure been tempting, but not until now have I pulled the trigger on testing out Limecrime. But this blush was irresistible!


First of all, packaging is beautiful. The gorgeous Orchid print makes it really stand out. The compact is nice and small, but still has a mirror, and the blush comes in an impressive color range. I picked out the shade “Hyperlink” which is a soft pink.


The formula is quite unique. It’s kind of a firm cream that turns into a powder like finish. You can use both fingers or a brush to apply this. My favorite way to apply it is with a synthetic brush.


The result on the skin is so beautiful. It’s quite softly pigmented which makes it very easy to apply, and gives a very natural flush to the skin. At least this shade is a perfect no-makeup-makeup kind of blush. Very natural color, very natural finish and so easy to work with.


I would absolutely like having more colors in this formula, because I love how easy it is to apply and how nice and natural it looks on the skin. This was for sure a nice entry to the Limecrime brand and I would like to get to know it more.

Do you have any recommendations from the brand? Make sure to leave them in the comments!



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