Nabla Soul Blooming Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

First of all, I just have to point out the obvious here: this palette gives me total spring vibes! With the beautiful flowers on the packaging and nice spring pastel shades. Well, not only pastels but you get what I mean.


Nabla was a brand I got familiar to when I stumbled upon them on Instagram and decided to test a few of their single pan eyeshadows. Those are absolutely lovely, especially the mattes. The palettes are knows for lacking a bit of the same quality without saying they are bad.

The packaging of this looks lovely as already mentioned. It’s made with cardboard but it feels like nice quality. It does have a mirror. Despite being small of size it’s not very slim. I think they could have made this thinner very easily. It’s no deal breaker though. I just feel like they could’ve made it a bit slimmer for storage. Otherwise the packaging feels of good quality and does have some weight to it.


Inside you get 12 beautiful shades. 6 of them are mattes and 6 of them shimmers. One of them, Honey Drip, has a much more chunky consistency and is a bit more crumbly than the other shimmers. I found that all the shimmers needed some help with a damp brush to give off the intensity that I wanted. But with that little extra help the sure looked gorgeous on the lids, and especially Honey Drip which is quite a unique shade in my opinion and totally makes up for being a bit crumbly. This is actually a shade I probably don’t have any dupes for. The shadow I was the least Happy with was Anemone, the dark shimmer purple. The color is beautiful though, it’s pigmented and looks beautiful on the lid with a bit of setting spray spritzed on the brush, but it has sooooo much fallout that I had trouble applying it without messing up the rest of my makeup. If you want to use this shade, do eye makeup first!

Two of the shimmer shades have a gorgeous duochrome shift to them. “Garden Gate” is a beautiful shimmer lavender shade with a blue shift, and “Philosophy” is a soft pink with a green shimmer shift. Both of these together with “Honey Drip” gives this palette a selection of eyeshadows that are a bit more unusual and interesting. I mean, most of us already have that shimmery brown and a shimmery pink, but these duochromes are not in every other palette and may offer something new to many collections.


The mattes are really good in this palette. Smooth and rich in pigmentation. Generally speaking most of them blend like an absolute charm, and no shock there because I know Nabla really knows how to make great mattes. No problems at all getting a nice and even blend, with the exception of one shade. The pastel lavender shade “Flowery” (goooooorgeous color by the way), was a bit patchy on me. I had some troubles making it look even especially in the outer corner. If I have trouble blending it’s always in the outer corner….That’s my special “hard-to-blend” spot where I can really put eyeshadows to the test, and Flowery did not pass with flying colors. It is however, surprisingly pigmented given this is a pastel lavender shade, and when I packed it on the lid it layed down beautifully. Do although I would not reach for this in the crease it works just fine for me on the lid where I don’t need that great blending properties as I do with crease shadows.


So, with a few minor issues with some shades, the overall quality is quite good. I do still think that the single pan shadows are a level above these, but this palette is absolutely of good quality. The thing about this that really make me treasure it, is the pretty color story that has a very nice composition of shimmers, mattes, basics, deepening shades and a few color and in addition to all this it offers some more unique duochromes. It’s nothing else than excellent composition that makes a 12 pan palette being able to offer so much. The team who put together this palette know what they are doing.

I am absolutely happy to have added this to my collection, and despite the small issues I had with it I would buy it again in a heartbeat!




One thought on “Nabla Soul Blooming Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


    Very detailed review of the palette. 🙂 Still have not touched mine, but will keep your recommendations for the shde Anemone in mind. For sure don’t wanna mess up my base 😀 Also got catched in with this one because of the colourstory. Seems so well thought through, as you said. Great review. I hope I will enjoy it as much as you do 🙂


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