My Makeup Collection 2019 – Single Pan Eyeshadows!

One of the most treasured things in my collection are my single eyeshadows. There is just something unique about putting together your own custom palette, and selecting new shades to grow the collection. And is there anything more enjoyable to look at than a nicely curated magentic palette filled with single pan shadows? I don’t think so!

This is a part of my collection that I have grown a bit since last year. Last year I put the names of the shadows on each picure, but this post would take me days to do now if I did that (I am probalby not the most efficient picture editor either) so this time I will write all the shade names in the picture caption.

BIG PALETTE: Luna, New Heaven, Grenadine, Fahrenheit, Virgin Island, Absinthe, Clementine, City Wolf, Atmosphere, Citron, Extravirgin, Babylon. SMALL PALETTE: Mystic, Paprika, Caramel, Ludwig, Glitz, Water Dream.

I love the Nabla single pans. Especially the matte formula. I currently have 18 shades that are all very beautiful. I would love to have some more but I rarely think about picking up some. They are a big more expensive than many other options out there, but the pans are also bigger!

1st row: Vanilla Bean, Bling, Shimma Shimma, Bleached Blonde, Gold Digger, Prom Night, Taupe Notch. 2nd row: Sorbet, Confection, Peach Smoothie, Goddess, Bitten, Brownie Points, Americano. 3rd row: Maitai, Cinderella, Petal Pusher, Cosmopolitan, In The Spotlight, Last Dance, Sensous. 4th row: Rockstar, Friend Zone, Tan Lines, Steampunk, Tuscan Sun, Pillow Talk, Drama Queen.

This one brings back so many memories! When Makeupgeek came and changed the eyeshadow pan game. Before Makeupgeek everyone just used MAC, but they brought in a more affordable, but even better (in my opinion) option.

1st row: Pop Culture, Unicorn, Rebel, Hopscotch, Phantom, Boo Berry, Chit Chat, Appletini, Dragonfly, Shark Bait, Peacock, Secret Garden, Shimmermint, Shore Thing, Sea Mist, Ritzy, Typhoon, Flame Thrower, Cocoa Bear, Jester, Poison Ivy, Pegasus.

I also have a more colorful palette filled with Makeupgeek shadows. I hope I can manage to fill this palette during the rest of the year. It would be great having two full Makeupgeek palettes! I really should look into if they have some greens and blues in their collection that I could add. A few more colors in that colorfamily and I would be a happy camper.

1st palette: Three Ring Yellow, Lime, Shimmermoss, Lucky Green, Humid, Swimming, New Crop, Tilt, Winkle, Freshwater, Electric Eel, Deep Truth. 2nd palette: Goldenrod, Free To Be, DF7, Sushi Flower, Nocturnal, Burnt Orange, Stars N’Rocket, Shale, Fig.1, Beauty Marked, Sattelite Dream, Heather Bells. 3rd palette: Brule, Shroom, Kid, Expensive Pink, Double Feature 4, Jest, Samoa Silk, Paradisco, Texture, Woodwinked, Vapour, Gleam, Mythology, Embark. 4th palette: Vanilla, Cork, Patina, Scene, Silver Ring, Carbon.

MAC, the iconic MAC single shadows. Back in the time, when Youtube was a new thing, this was almost the only thing beauty youtubers used! I remember I felt so professinal when I picked up my first single shadow. So silly, but it was a big deal, and it’s soo many years ago. I am happy to have collected so many iconic shades. My goal is to one day have all these palletes filled. One Green/Yellow/Blue, one with sunset shades, and two with neutral eyeshadows.


I also have these Inglot eyeshadows. I do like them, but they are honestly not my favorite formula. I would like to fill up the palette, but I don’t really think I will grow my Inglot collection to something large anythime soon. I also could not be bothered writing down the shades names because they are a bitch to get out of those palettes, and they don’t have fun names anyways, just numbers.

Top Palette: Defiance, Arsenic, Ascension, Spirit, Calcination, Euphoria, Relapse, Transmutation, Aether, Unity. Bottom Palette: Recluse, Symbiosis, Ephemeral, Habitat, Vertex, Nocturnal.

Lethal Cosmtics is an indie brand with beautiful eyeshadows. This collection is much much smaller than what I want it to be, but I aim on growing it. The formula is just gorgeous on these and they have a bunch of interesting colors. I also really like that the magnetic palettes from the brand are small and compect and feels like very decent qiality and holds a great mirror. Highly recomment this brand if you want to test out more indie brands.

Top Palette: Now And Zen, Made To Last, Ready or Yatch, Cannonball, Cut-Outs, Tiki, Two Birds, Poodle, Pebbles, Going Steady, 143, Dragonfly, Facet, Come And Get It, Koi, Conundrum, Sea Stars, Boxer, Snake Eyes, Top Notch, Let’s Do It, Paper Crane, Tea Garden, Play By Play, Hear Me Out, Glass Bull, Game Changer. Bottom Palette: Baby Lights, Take Flight, Karat Cake, Martian, Over It, Crackle, Chic Happens, Thank U Next, Mr.Sandman, Solstice With The Mostest, Meteorite, Sleeper, Paradiso, Try Me, Eartshrine, On A Whimsy, Neutrino, Beam Me Up, Heavenly, Quantum Sleep, Antimatter, Superzoom, Conjour Up, Wishful Winking.

The biggest brand collection of single shadows I have are for sure from Colourpop. I blame it on their many releases, and BYOP offers. I am sure I will jump on those BYOP offers more times because it really allows you to build a while palette of single shadows for just a fraction of the original cost. I think when they have these sales it’s really as cheap as single shadows get, at least among thos with good quality.

Muscle Beach, Backseat, Checkmate, Up and Up, Sideline, Team Captain, Goody Two-Shoes, Two Piece, Tiny Tangerines, Piece Of Cake, Lost And Found, Bassline, Slay-Farer, Formation, Chauffer, Deja Boo, Bratty, Hop On, Rascal, Feathered, Backstage, Two To Mango, Fault Line, La Playa, Comeback Kid, Night Show, Kill Switch.

I was not quite done with Colourpop, because this pretty bright palette is also Colourpop only. I need a new magnetic pan to fill now!

Acapulco, LMAO, Viridian, Odium, Buddy Blue, Paladin, Cupid.

My Devinah collection is the smallest single pan brand collection I have with only 7 shades. That does not reflect the quality at all, because these shadows are really really nice. I aim to collect a lot more in the future so this is just the start.


And to finish up this post this is my Looxie eyeshadow collection. This also is a brand I want to collect a lot more from since it’s such a lovely formula. Especially their metallics and metallics 2 formula are so so beautiful. I think the next Looxie order is not far off!

What is your favorite brand to collect single eyeshadow pans from?



11 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection 2019 – Single Pan Eyeshadows!

  1. Your collections are amazing!! I go back and forth over whether I should collect more single shadows or not. I like customizing but then it seems it’s cheaper to buy a palette than make one with singles. But Colourpop does have amazing BYOP offers!



    What a collection!!! You really got some gems there. Lethal would be probably the only brand I have all singles from and they always remind me of you,because I discovered them through you. Never tried MUG actually. But I herad they gonna change the pans from round to be rectangular, so if you wanna fill up that palette you might have to hurry, so they still fit 🙂 Looxie is my next brand to try. Just placed an order with them when they had their birthday sale this weekend. 2,50 EUR for a shade. What a steal 🙂 Great post!!!


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