Natasha Denona Blush & Glow Mini – Review!

First of all, creds to Natasha Denona for releasing mini products. I aboslutely love that ides especially for products like blush and highlighter. First of all, I never use up either blushes or highlighters. Second of all it gives a great oportunity to get some high end makeup products for a very affordable price.


Even though this is a mini duo compact the amount of product would last you a long time. My guess is with continuous use it would last you at least 6 months or more. This duo contains a total of 4 grams. The compact itself is about the same size as a regular sized NARS blush.  Not that shabby I would say!

The compact feels nice and luxurious. It’s one of those very reflective packaging that loves to collect your finger prints, but besides getting dirty easily it looks classy, simple and chic. Love that!


Both the products are on the natural side. The blush is nor very pigmented, With a blush I don’t think that is a bad thing. Quite the contrary actually, because it means that the product is fool proof to apply. The unfortunate thing about this blush is that it’s definately a winter blush for me, meaning it will be too light during summer. That would probably also mean that unleass you are pale or fair skinned this blush won’t really show up. I wish she had a darker shade in her selection of minis. However, on my fair winter skin the color is aboslutely beautiful and gives a nice, natural flush to the skin. The blush is not shimmery but does give a subtle glow that I love!


The highlighter won’t impress you if you are into the full impact ones. This is, and will also be after building, a natural highlihgter. BUT, I love it! It gives you a natural, gorgeous, natural glow. It does not look like you are wearing highlighter. It look like you are just glowing from within because you are healty and have great skin and are hydrated and takes all your vitamins and eat your fruits kind of glow. It looks natural and glamorous at the same time. I love these kind of highlighters. Yes, I do love those intense highlighters too, and they are fun to apply and wear. But when you just want too look like you are blessed by great genes this is the highlighter to go for!


If you are fair skinned this is natural, beautiful healty looking cheeks in a handy compact. This duo definitly gets a thumbs up for me and I highly recommend it. If they release more shades I will pick them up….for sure!




5 thoughts on “Natasha Denona Blush & Glow Mini – Review!


    I have still to try the minis from ND. I have a couple of her full size blushes and highlighters, which I absolutely adore. She makes such great products, which are always foolprrof I feel. You really need to make an effort to not be able to do your makeup with her products 😀 I need to try this mini indeed. ND is my Brand for Life on feelunique, so maybe I will step by there later 😀


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