BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

A neutral eyeshadow palette with a pop of blue. Nothing we haven’t seen before in other words. But there is something weird about those neutral palettes. Sometimes I see them and think “Oh, nothing new I have all those shades, while in other cases I just feel an urge to own it, even though it’s probably still true that I have all the shades. That was honestly the case with this. I probably do have all these shades many times over. However, even though I have every shade from before (I have many many shadows so that’s not so strange to be honest) this palette do offer some interesting twists on neutrals and I think it can offer something for someone who wants a very neutral look, and someone who wants something neutral but exciting at the same time.


The palette is a cardboard packaging with a mirror. The mirror is decent in size, but you can tell that it’s low quality. Sure it shows the reflection, but it looks odd. Like it’s more of a reflective film than a proper mirror. It does the job, but you really can tell if you compare it to a quality mirror. So the packaging is quite simple, and not that luxurious but toes the job and it feels pretty sturdy. I would travel with this without any second thoughs.


The layout of the eyeshadows are interesting. You get 19 shadows in 4 different pan sizes. Also the shape is a bit different with some rectangles and the rest are squares. The larger colors are your typical crease shades or highlighter shades. I think this is clever because that means you highlighter shades can double as a highlighter on the cheeks, and the crease shades can double as a bronzer. They work just fine as cheek highlighters, but I had some issues blending out the shade that would fit me as a bronzer. I don’t see myself reaching for this as a bronzer, but several of the shimmery light shades makes beautiful highlighters.


The rest of the color composition is mainly browns. I think the color composition overall is fairly well balanced, but I would have loved to have one less shimmery pale shade, and one more dark matte. But you really do get what you need in this palette.


Even though it’s neutral I actually think the variety of shades are good. You get cool-tones and warm-tones (mainly warm), red-tones coppers and champagne. You also get a very nice shimmery brown with a green shift. The most eyecatching shades are the blues though. Which are both very stunning shades. The lightest blue works really nice as a topper shade, and helps you to easily transform your looks from a regular neutral look to something a bit more interesting but still very wearable.


The quality is on point! Except having some troubles using one of the crease shades as a bronzer, I had no issues with this palette when applying them on the eyes. Pigmentation is good, they blend well and the shadows are also smooth and buttery. A tiny bit of fallout (as expected, so nothing more than a regular amount), and the fact that the blues worked better with setting sprays on are the only two things I can really point my fingers at. No real issues here in other words.


All in all, a very solid quality palette. Off course, this is a neutral lovers palette, but if you do want neutrals this one offers a nice selection in addition to more interesting neutral options. Quality-wise this is one of the best palettes I’ve tried from BH Cosmetics, so if you were looking for a new neutral palette then I would highly recommend this!



2 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


    Seems to be a very good palette! And yes, it is more a neutral lovers drea,. So I guess I will pass on it in the end, but I am so happy that BH Cosmetics stepped up their game that much in the past year. Really hope they gonna keep the quality going 🙂 Great review!!!


  2. I have been pleasantly surprised with how great the quality is of BH Cosmetics palettes! This is a really beautiful color selection and your swatches are on point!


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