Dior Backstage Glow Highlighter Palette 001 Universal – Swatches & Review!

I just randomly passed this in the store and I picked it up on impulse. I do love great drugstore makeup. I mean, nothing beats the joy of having something good and cheap, but I do have a soft spot for a piece of luxury as well. And with the price tag of around 60$ it’s for sure within the luxury cathegory.


The palette is plastic and see-through with silver details. Usually clear plastic looks cheap in my opinion, but this feels more luxurious to the touch than your regular plastic packaging. I also have had this in my makeup bag for two months, without the palette looking scratched or worn so it is absolutely decent quality. Normally I would think packaging like this looks cheap, but this is somehow turned into a chic looking item. It’s simple and delicate and looks nice. I like that. I also like that the palette is filled with product. There is no empty space here, leaving you with a nice compact palette with a ton of product.


The palette holds 4 highlihgter shades with a beautiful imprint. You get one icy white, one pink, one champagne and one bronze shade. Me being fair skinned can use three of these shades, the bronze is just simply too dark. I think if you have a medium skin tone, or a fair comlexion that gets really tan in summer you can get away with all of the shades. The pink also doubles as a blush topper, but in that case you would have to like a very glowy blush. I do, so for me it works in both ways. The bronze shade could also be a bronzer or bronze topper, but for my taste the finish is a tad too glowy.


As highlighters they are beautiful. I would say they give a medium intensity that could also go natural or be built up for an intense glow. If you want the intense glow, you would have to go over with the brush at least two or three times though. So for someone that really aims for intensity this may not be the best fit, but if you like a versatile highlighter this one does that for you. I really like that you can ajust the intensity to your own taste, mainly because I switch between wanting something soft and natural or going very blinding. So the fact that you can get all that is a big plus  in my books. Besides, the pricetag considered, versatility is important.


I did not experience any difference in formula among the four shades. They seem pretty much the same regarding formula and the only difference I can tell is obviously the color. There is no glitter in it either, just a very fine milled shimmer which fits my personal taste well as I am not the biggest fan of glitter in my highlighers. I want to glow, not sparkle.


Even though it’s a beautiful palette and I like the products inside I have a bit of a hard time really recommending it. Not because the highlighters aren’t beautiful, but because the price tag is very high. It IS a beautiful product but it does not really offer something that is so unique that you can’t get the same thing for a lower price. There are plenty of amazing affordable highlighters so the products alone does not make it worth it.

However, if you do like the packaging and can appreciate a piece of luxury then they for sure are beautiful highlihgters you most likely will enjoy wearing.

What is your opinion? Do you think it’s worth splurging on luxury highlighers when the marked is over filled with good affordable highlighters? Leave your thoughts in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Dior Backstage Glow Highlighter Palette 001 Universal – Swatches & Review!

  1. I love me some luxury highlighters/products in general. I think once in a while its definitely worth a splurge and a nice way to treat yourself. I treasure my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, use it as a highlighter, blush and eyeshadow. I saw Alexa Chung on YouTube use this Dior Highlighter palette as an eyeshadow… So I think if you can make a product multi-use, it is worth purchasing and getting your money’s worth.


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