Stash or Trash #3 – Intro!

Time for another round of Stash or Trash! If you have seen one of my previous posts you know what it’s all about. If not, Stash or Trash is a blog series where I pull out 10 makeup items from my collection that I haven’t used in a long time or ar unsure about if I want to keep or not, and test and try them for a few weeks or so to figure out if they are items worth keeping or not. Kind of a relaxed way of doing some decluttering or rediscover products I like and want to use more.


This is the little pile I will go through the next couple of weeks, and I will do another post where I do a summary of what I decide to stash or trash. This time it’s a good mix of eyeshadows, lipsticks and face products.


The eyeshadow palette is a limited edition palette I picked up on holiday in Italy many years ago. It goeas by the not so short name “Color Fever Must Have Eyeshadow Palette 02 Elegant Tones”. To be honest I think I have only used it once even though the colors are really pretty. I have no idea what I think about the quailty, but I aim to find out.


The single eyeshadows are from an indie brand called Fyrinnae. The shades are Rapunzel Had Extensions and Aztec Gold. The first being a beautiful pink with gold, and the second a green gold. Quite unique shades. I used to wear them a lot many years ago, but I havent reached for them for years. I want to test them out again to see if the quality is compatible to my current standards, because as my collection has grown over the years I have learned much more about what I think is good quality and what I think is not. I am excited to see how these hold up. The colors are lovely though!

The small mascara is a travel size from YSL I got in a kit ages ago. I havent even opened it, so now I want to see if it’s still any good. If so I should just use it up and get my moneys worth out of them.


I also got a few face products going on! The NARS highlughter is “Satelite of Love” which was a limited edition. Not quite sure if it is supposed to be a blush or a highlighter. In my opinion it does not really work that well as any of those choices. Too little pigment to be a blush (at least for me) and it’s not really up to par with todays highlighters. I will give it one more try, but honestly I think I just hung on to it because it’s NARS, expensive and limited edition.

The blush is a H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush in “Cherry”. I really enjoy the H&M blushes, they are surprisingly good, but I never reach for this because of the shade. I think it’s too dark for me. I will give it a few tries with a light hand and decide if I think I would reach for it again or if it will just drown in my collection as it has been for a while.

The highlighter “Wet Sand” from Everyday Minerals is actually very beautiful, but I never think about reaching for is since it’s this loose powder in an unpractical jar. I will see if I enjoy the formula enough to be worth it still. I can’t remember the last time I used it but it’s many years old and have been unused for almost as many years.


Lastly a small selection of lipsticks. Again we have a H&M lipsticks, and again these are surprisingly great. Once again, as with the blush, the shade is the problem. It’s very bright and purple, and usually when I go for a bright lip I use reds. I will wear this a few times and see if I get used to it and would want to reach for it again. I am afraid it will make my teeth look yellow.

The two Kiko lipsticks are both the same Unlimited Styli lipsticks. I used them a bit when they were new, but I think I remember them being a bit dry. I will try them again and see if I changed my mind or if I will possably use them in combination with other lip products like a gloss.

I have the feeling I will be able to part with a few more items this time as well. For now I will test and try them out and when I made up my mind on all the items I will get back to you with a summary.

What are your decluttering tactics?



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