The Balm Mary-Dew Manizer – Review!

We all know the original right? The Mary-Lou Manizer is a classic and a cult highlighter in the makeup community. Famous long before highlighter was such a big deal as it is now, and it can still compete with new releases today.


So after having this classic for years and year The Balm decided to make a liquid version of the famous highlighter. I love the original Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm. It was one of my first highlighters, so it’s kind of special to me. I was curios to test out the liquid version because I do like a good liquid highlighter as well as a powder one.

The packaging is a thick tube. Similar to Tarte Shape Tape in size but the  design is very different. The uni-carton is the classic style from The Balm with who I assume is Mary-Lou (or Dew) herself. The tube itself is clear with black prints.


The shade is quite similar to the original on the skin even though it looks darker and a bit more peachy on the swatch, but I find the finish to be quite different. While the original powder formula is more intense, the Dew-Manizer is more subtle and gives a very nice glow from within finish (again, a bit different from what it looks like on the swatch, where the liquid looks more intense). It is on the more subtle side, so if you like the very intense formulas this may be a bit understated for you, but I really enjoy a nice natural dewy finish once in a while.


I have used this as a primer. I like using liquid highlighters (like the Cover FX drops or the Iconic London illuminating drops) as primer. As long as they are not glittery I think it gives a nice glow underneath foundation. You could off course also mix a bit of it with foundation, but I think this one in particular is a bit subtle for that use.


On the cheeks and high points of the face on top of foundation it gives a very natural, glowy look. If you want that dewy wet-look but still want the result to be quite natural than this one is a great product. The wand also makes it very easy to control where you place the product and completely mess free.

Do I prefer this over the original one? No. But that does not mean it’s not a good product, I simply just prefer powder formulas over liquid. With that said I can absolutely see myself reaching a lot for this when I want a good, natural and dewy look so thumbs up for this highlighter!

Have you tried this yourself? Or have you tried the iconic original?



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