Makeup Revolution Reloanded Iconic Division – Review & Swatches!

Not to long ago I posted a review about another re-loaded palette, the Velvet Rose, and gave if a good review. For the price tag I was very happy with how it performed and could absolutely see myself reaching for it again and again. Especially the mattes was a big hit for me.


So, I guess I don’t have to say that expectations were pretty high with this one too. Obviously this palette is a dupe for Anastasia Subculture, and a pretty well known dupe I would say. This palette seems to be “the dupe” people mention the most. I had hoping this would be like a more easy going version of Subculture. I less pigmented version you could use also on busy days. Because I love Subculture and it’s color scheme, but it’s not a palette I would pull out if I was in a hurry.


I did the makeup looks I posted on Monday to try out the palette. That’s what I always do before a review so I know that I have tested every shadow on my eyes in action. This time I was left disappointing. I had such a hard time doing those four looks, and to be honest I had so much trouble with the palette that it was more frustrating than fun to do them.


The first issue I had was that some of the matte shades had a really hard time both blending out and applying evenly. I really had to pack on the color and blend several times to try to make it look even but it was as if the eyeshadow just didn’t want to stick to some parts of my lids. It made it close to impossible to get a seamless blend, and things just started looking very muddy after a while. The pigmentation was not that great either, and since I had to try to build up the colors, and go over and over with eyeshadow to make the blend look decent, things just started to muddy up.


I guess for a very simple eye look, you won’t have such a problem. If you for instance just want to throw one of the lighter shades in the crease and a little bit of one of the shimmers on the lid you will probably find this palette just find. But simple looks does not really demand much of the quality of the shadows either. With more intricate looks the lack of quality became very apparent with these unfortunately.


There are 3 shimmer shadows in this palette. One white/pink duochrome, one green and one brown. The brown is fine. Not the most overwhelmingly stunning shimmer shade, but it does the job. The two other one is again a bit lackluster. They really need some build-up and preferably a spritz of something on the brush to show up properly.


Although I did like the Velvet Rose palette enough to see myself picking up another Re-Loaded palette in the future, the Iconic Division is not one I would recommend. I enjoy the original Subculture by far, even though that’s not what I pull out to do a look with on busy mornings. Even if you don’t compare this dupe to the original and just think about the quality of this palette alone, it’s just not good. Even the cheap price considered, I don’t think this one is worth it. I haven’t been as unhappy with a palette as I have been with this one for years. And I do try a lot of palettes!

Have you tried this palette? Did you like it, or was is a miss for you too?





4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Reloanded Iconic Division – Review & Swatches!

  1. Your review comes in just the right time. I have the ordering site open in another tab waiting for me to confirm my purchase, but I wanted to sit on it for a day and think if I really need another palette to add to the ones that I already had and were similar. I was planing to get this one and the Passion for Colour one. After reconsideration, I’ve noticed that most of the shades from the Iconic Division are also in the Passion for Colour one. But it is a good thing I read your thoughts on it 🙂
    Have a nice one 🙂


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