Maybelline Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder – Review!

I have always wanted to try the Maybelline FitMe loose powder but for some reason I can’t find it anywhere in Norway, or in any online store that ships to Norway so for some reason it seems very hard to get a hold of, and I never had the chance to try it out.


But when I saw this I was immediately tempted. After all Maybelline did a seemingly great loose powder already and could probably make another one.

This powder comes in a simple clear plastic container, with a black lid. Not too exciting or luxurious. It looks like drugstore, and it looks like Maybelline. Make what you will out of that. But, at least the jar has a sifter so it’s a little less messy than it potentially could be although loose powders always are a bit messy.


The powder is soooo fine milled. I really like how it looks on the skin. It seems to have a smoothing effect, and is very mattifying. It also keeps my face matte for almost a full day at work, which I would say is impressive. Since it’s translucent it’s also invisible.


Since it’s smoothing and very light weight I really like using it to set my under-eye concealer and it works wonderfully for that purpose alone, but I also like to use it to set my face. However, I only use it all over my face when I actually really want a matte finish (except from highlighter off course, I always have my highlighter on).


The translucency means naturally that this powder does not add any extra coverage. This combined with the light weight formula makes it very natural looking! If you are looking for a translucent setting powder this one was a winner for me!



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