Colourpop Ooh La La Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Ooh La La is a little monochromatic pink 9-pan palette by Colourpop. If you like pink eyeshadows and have been looking for a cute little palette this one is great!


Also, Colourpop know how to do monochromatic right. Monochromatic palettes tend to have very similar looking shades very easily, but you won’t get bored looking at this palette. Sure, there are mostly pink tones pop of a few other things, but they are different enough not to look boring.


Even the packaging is bright pink. As usual with Colourpops 9-pans this one is also plastic. I prefer cardboard instead, so I wish they would transfer from plastic to cardboard in these 9-pans in the future. It would be more environmental friendly too! But for the moment they have stuck to plastic for every 9-pan they’ve released.


Inside you actually do get a mirror. With Sol and Mar which was the first 9-pans we did not get a mirror, but it’s been included in the later palettes without any changes in price. I can appreciate that! There are several formulas in the palette, for starters 5 gorgeous mattes. There is also one sparkly duochrome, two metallics and one shimmer.


The quality is just as we have learned to know Colourpop. Mattes are pigmented, smooth and very easy to work with, and the metallics are so buttery smooth, rich and gorgeous. There are simply no duds in this palette and the quality overall is great, simple as that.


The only thing I have been wondering about with this palette is the shade “Tickled”. I know that the first time they released a super shock shadow in a palette apparently was in the “Sweet Talk” palette which came a while after this one, but still, the first time I touched “Tickled” I wondered if they put a super shock shadow in the palette. I have never read or heard anything to confirm that though, but the formula is for sure different than the others in the palette because it feels more like a cream/powder-hybrid and is very softly pressed. It also came slightly crushed when it arrived in the mail, but I just pushed the porduct together in the pan and it looked just fine, just like I have done with the super shock shadows so many times too! I guess we will be left kept wondering  because I can’t find anything to confirm this suspicion on their website. But, either way, “Tickled” is a super pretty shadow topper!


As mentioned the quality of the shadows in this palette is great. I will only recommend this one if you only like pink though. Because if you want to do a look without a pink eyeshadow in it you are not really left with any options, but for all you pink eyeshadow lovers this palette is a steal!



2 thoughts on “Colourpop Ooh La La Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. When I first got this in the mail, Tickled was completely shattered and literally a through the whole package. I was so upset. There wasn’t enough to save and it was all in the other ones. Colourpop very nicely sent me another one. I agree–the formula is definitely different! I like it though.


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