Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Am I the only one looking at very cheap makeup with a bit of scepticism? I mean, how great can a 4£ palette be? I have been trying a few eyeshadow palettes by Makeup Revolution but I have been mainly picking more “expensive” palettes by them and steared clear of the 4£ Re-Loaded ones. I just had a hard time believing they could be any good. They were simply too cheap to convince me. In the end I picked up a couple to test out. One gets curious you know, and I also enjoy creating reviews an I figure it’s a good thing to test and review palettes from every price range.


The Velvet Rose palette got my attention because of the delicate color selection. There is a nice mix of neutrals that somehow look very pleasing to the eye. Not just like any neutral palette. It is off course not their own color scheme. It is a dupe for Anastasia Soft Glam, which I also own and love. This will bot be a dupe post though, so I won’t go in depth into the similaraties, but to make it short; If you have Soft Glam you already own this palette (sort of).


This palette has 15 shades in the simplest imaginable packaging. A clear plastic lid (that looks 10 years old in no time), no space between the shadows, not even shade names, just numbers. It’s clear that Makeup Revolution kept their cost low in this palette, and off course they had to if they should only charge 4£. Just don’t expect any fancy packaging. This one is as simple as it gets. The packaging simply just holds the eyeshadows together and thats about it.


Out of the 15 shades, 9 of them are mattes, 4 of them shimmers, one golden foiled shade and a black with a matte base and tiny flecks of shimmer. The shimmer does not show up though so it works like a matte. It’s a good thing that the palette has so many mattes because that is for sure the best formula in the palette. I was positively surprised by how rich and pigmented the mattes are, and how easy they are to work with. They are for sure much better than what I expected and these shadows makes the palettes well worth it’s pricetag by far. You get some very good neutral mattes for just a few coins which is a great thing especially if you are on a budget, or just don’t see the point in spending to much money on makeup.


The 4 mattes are a bit lackluster. I mean, they look more like satin finish shadows. Pigmentation is decent, and they perform nicely, I just like shimmer shadows to be more shimmery because in my mind these are more satins (and if they are supposed to be dupes for the shades in Soft Glam they missed the mark because Soft Glam has proper shimmer shades). They are off course more than usable, and if you like satin finish shadows than these is nothing wrong with these. I just personally was missing  bit of the glam.

There is one proper glam shadow in this palette though, and that is the foiled gold shade (second shade in the first row). Where the other shimmer shades are a bit lackluster this is even more than your regula shimmer. This is a stunning foiled shade that gives me ll the glam feels the shimmers could not give me. This is probably the one shade that made me go “wow!”. It’s not perfect though, because it does have a crazy amount of fallout, but look beside that and you get a gorgeous foiled shadow for half the price of what you pay for a foil in a single pan.


So to make a quick summary: The packaging and the shimmers are lackluster, but the palette is well worth it’s 4£ for the mattes and the nice gold foil shade. I can see myself reaching for this palette again when I want a matte neutral look or for that gold so in the end I am happy to have tried the palette and will also happily keep it in my treasured collection.

If you are experienced with eyeshadows and have tried a bunch of high quality brands, or if you are used to indie brands that often have very intense pigmentation, then this will probably not be the best eyeshadow palette you have tried, and it’s by far not the best eyeshadow I’ve tried either. With that being said, this palette does however beat a ton of other drugstore eyeshadows avaliable from brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline and Maxfactor so within it’s price range I would still call it a bargain.

Have you tried any of the Re-Loaded palettes? I would love to hear your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. The swatches of this one look stunning! & for £4 you can’t complain right! I have the reloaded Newtrals 3 which is in this same packaging & is £4 too. I really think the quality is impressive when you consider the price & how it compares to other drug store brands (as you mentioned) & Im definitely interested in picking this one up too. Xxx


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