The Balm Take Home The Bronze – Review!

This one has been on my wish list for so long, and I just happened to snag this with me on impulse one day. I am a big fan of The Balms quirky cute packaging and a bronzer that promise to not be orange is off course also tempting (I don’t want that Donald Trump bronze after all).


As always the packaging is adorable. It’s the same usual sturdy cardboard packaging as they have on their blushes. I had some of their blushes for many years, and those still look good, so they are good quality even though it’s made of cardboard. It also have a mirror inside. In my opinion it’s a bit too tiny to use when applying bronzer, but oh well.

But cute packaging and anti-orange promises does not help if the product is not any good. But this one is! I picked it up in the shade “Oliver”, but they have several shade options. This one was good for me because it’s quite pale and I prefer a pale bronzer, because that’s what I am for most of the year.Β  This one is just the right shade for my winter skin, and it’s absolutely true that it’s anti-orange! It looks quite cool toned on my skin, which I also prefer during winter. It’s almost so that I could use this as a contour.


The shade is great for me. Oliver is the lightest of three shades, so they should have an option that fits many (but I am afraid the darkest is not dark enough, and I wish they had one additional color for deep skin). But not only does the color work for me, it’s also so easy to apply! I love it when a bronzer blends quickly and I just don’t have to think to much about it. You know that brush on really quick kind of bronzer that you never have to worry about not being blended enough or looking patchy. This bronzer is just that easy-going one.


This was a totaly hit for me and I highly recommend it. Especially if you often find bronzers to be too warm this one is a nice one to test out.

I do have the iconic and much loved Bahama Mama bronzer from The Balm as well, but Take Home The Bronze one is a solid winner among these two.

Have you tried this bronzer? Or maybe you have another favorite that you love?



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