Colourpop Wet Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is another one of the 8 pan eyeshadow palettes that was released last year, and the sister palette to Lit which I have already reviewed (read here). I think it is very clever to release a colorful cool-toned palette with blues and a colorful war-toned palette with reds, yellows and golds. I was drawn to this pretty little blue palette immediately (off course, I love blue). Besides blue eyeshadow looks seem to be super on trend right now after Blue Blood was released (which off course is high up on my wish list).


This one has a similar packaging as Lit, but with silver colors and glitters instead of gold (playing on the warm-cool theme of these palettes). I really like the looks of it. It’s simple, yet beautiful. I also love that this is cardboard and not plastic. So A+ for packaging! With that said, it does not have a mirror like I know many prefer. But I just know that from a small palette like this I would never use the mirror anyway so I don’t really miss it.


The palette itself is not just blue. You got a couple of browns, which I guess is nice if you want to wear blue but still make it a little less loud. There is also a silver that works really nicely with the blue shades, and the Shade Fishy looks like something just between blue and green. The formula is half mattes and half metallics. I think the composition is very nice. It’s very easy to mix and match the colors, and for being just a 8 pan you get quite a bit of variety.


The quality is just like Colourpop usually makes them. In contrary to the matte mid-toned blue in the Zodiac palette (which needed a ton of buildup) the shade I’m Chillen in this palette which is quite similar works a whole lot better. I had no problems blending it, and it builds up very quickly compared to the matte blue in the Colourpop Zodiac palette. So this time they nailed the formula. The two brown mattes are great too. The white based pale blue “Finished?” I was at first a bit disappointing in. I felt like it needed a lot of buildup to look as I wanted it too. However, it makes an absolutely gorgeous transition of you use it to blend out the other blues in this palette. I wish it could have a bit stronger payoff on it’s own though.


As usual, the metallics work great. I love the metallic formula from Colourpop, and these are so pigmented. It’s only the Silver “Thickems” that have the true smooth metallic formula though. The other three metallic shades have very very fine micro glitter in them. It makes them appear a bit more chunky, and these shadows have a bit more fallout. The pigmentation is off course still just on point, and the shadows are indeed stunning.


Color story wise, this must be one of my favorite Colourpop palettes. I also do love the quality, but I would not say that it’s quality wise the best palette. Not because it’s bad by any means, it’s just that some Colourpop palettes I really do not have any complains to point out! Like with these one I would love to see “Finished?” a bit more pigmented, but overall this really is a nice little palette for the blue eyeshadow lover and I would absolutely recommend it!

What are your thoughts on the new blue eyeshadow hype. Would you wear it?





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