5 Makeup Products Not Worth Your Money!

I usually don’t end up with many makeup items that I despise. I usually know what brands I like, who’s recommendations to value and I can often tell by the description of the product if it will be worth picking up for me. But sometimes when I try something completely new I get a bad apple. So I wanted to share a few bad apples with you.


None of these product worked for me. Not only did they not work for me, they were absolutely terrible. It’s not that they were just mediocre. In my eyes these are useless. Now, if you have these and love these that’s great! Makeup is so personal, so I am not by any means disrespecting anyone’s taste. It’s just that these did not work for me, and I will explain why each of them were a miss.


I have already written a full (bad) review about this one. So if you want all the details you can read about it here. I just could not make it work for me. I feel like I’ve tried anything, every primer I have, no primer, every setting spray I have, a bunch of different powders and trying it at different seasons. Either way, it always looks bad. You really should not have to try this hard to make a medium price range foundation work. Usually I find one way or another to make a foundation work in order for me finish it, if nothing else just mixing it with another foundation. This one I just can’t be bothered using up, it’s too bad.


I had high hopes for this Colourpop No Filter Pressed Powder, and  I am wondering if I got a bad one because I see other people enjoying this, but based on my own experience I just can’t understand what people could possibly like about it. The problem for me is that this powder gets hard pan after a very short time. I got to use it maybe 2-3 times before I had to scratch off the top layer. I thought maybe it was something with my skin or my makeup that reacted with the powder making the pan turn hard so quickly, but I also tried buffing a completely clean brush in the pan just to check, and still it fairly quickly got hard pan. In the end I just got tired of scratching off hard powder. The rest will be tossed, and I am not picking up this one again for sure!


Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Liner “White” was another miss. Maybelline has a whole bunch of great products, so nothing wrong with the brand. I have a lot of big favorites from Maybelline, in particular base products and lipsticks. This one was another story. First of all the product is not very pigmented. I found that to get the line to actually look white I had to go over it several times. That meant there was product build up, and the result looked cakey. When it dried it started cracking and falling off in chunks. Not only did the eyeliner chunks fall off, but it took with it the eyeshadow underneath. Imagine doing a complicated look, and you want to finish it off with a nice thin white line in the crease, just to get the whole look ruined. Needless to say, trying this once was enough. I am all about giving products second chances. I have changed my mind about things more than once, but this just ruined the whole look and wasting my time. So that’s a pass.


I feel bad about putting this Maybelline Color Drama Lip Paint in here since it was a gift from a friend. I love getting makeup as gifts, and was super happy to receive this because the formula was new to me and the color was cool. It’s just so that this did not work out. The problem is that the color is super sheer ans streaky. Now I know these kind of colors are hard to make, but I had a really hard time making the color look even. When I finally got an even layer of colors my lips had so much products on it just went everywhere, and then it ended up looking streaky anyway. Maybe the other shades are better, but stay away from the purple!


The last one of the bunch is this Honey Bronze cream highlighter from The Body Shop. I got this the same time as I got the foundation. I was not very lucky on that shopping trip I guess. This is a subtle highlighter, and nothing wrong with that, but I found it a bit too subtle. I had to use quite a lot to even see it, and then it looked very thick and waxy plus it removed the foundation underneath. I like a subtle highlighter, but this was borderline pointless to apply, and in addition it messed up my base.

Usually Colourpop products are a hit for me, so a bit surprising that a product from that brand ended up in this post, and I usually like Maybelline products as well. They got some products that rank pretty high among my favorites. The Master Drama Kohl Pencil, FitMe foundation and Master Chrome highlighters to mention a few. So they are usually a hit, or at least OK products. The Body Shop is a bit opposite actually. I have yet to find a makeup product from their line that I actually like. Some of them have been decent, but I still haven’t found anything really good.

Do you have any product that absolutely won’t work for you? Let me know your worst item in the comments!




6 thoughts on “5 Makeup Products Not Worth Your Money!

  1. laurencanteven.blog

    Such a shame about the Maybelline eyeliner! I have it in matte black and I love it but if you layer it then it does go really clumpy! This is a great post!! Xx


  2. I will make sure not to buy these products and not waste my money, I don’t really like The Body Shop’s makeup, I tried a few of their products and I was not impressed. It’s a shame that colourpop’s powder didn’t work on you, I am afraid to try their base products to be honest like their foundation/concealer/powder


  3. I hate when things don’t work out. 😦 Thanks for letting me know what to stay away from though! I have the CP loose setting powder but haven’t tried it yet. I hope I like it!


  4. entitymodel

    Actually, all Colourpop products are a miss for me. I’ve found that I’m allergic to almost everything from them! And, I have literally never felt pure hate for a product before until I used their no filter concealer. It looks so icky and dry on me, my sister, and my mom. And it doesn’t have enough coverage either. Also their lipsticks oxidized and left those gross white lines on the inside of my mouth. I just don’t like the brand anymore. Surprising! I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t like ColourPop!


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