Colourpop Brown Sugar Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


So this is an all brown neutral palette that Colourpop released sometime later last year. It’s one of Colorupops 9-pan palettes that the started releasing. I know it’s easy to think that it’s “just another brown palette”, but thinking about it Colourpop does not have any brown palettes. Neutral palettes yes, but this is their first all brown one.


The palette is their (for now) regular 9-pan format, but who knows what they will release in the future right? But, for now these 9-pans come in a plastic packaging and a mirror. I like that you have a mirror, but I much prefer cardboard instead of plastic in cheaper palettes like this. I think these 9-pans look more cheaply made than their cardboard ones. The design is also very simple. Just a brown background and the name on the front. It’s not bad though, but it’s not anything special either. Just a plain brown plastic packaging with a mirror. It does have a nice, practical small size though.


Inside are 6 matte and 3 metallic shades. I like that you get both cool toned and warm toned brows in this palette. I also like that you get all the basics you need among the brown. You get light, mid toned and darker mattes which means you have what you need for your basic crease or deepening shades. In other words, nice color composition. The three metallics also helps add a bit extra pow to your look. There is one golden peach, one warm bronze and one cool brown with a green and gold sheen. So, you got some nice but very different options to add some shine to your look.


The quality is completely on par with Colourpops usual standard. I did not have any troubles with any of the shades in this palette. Pigmented, easy to blend, easy to work with and beautiful metallics. Colourpop just makes really great eyeshadows and this is no exception.


I bet some may argue that this is just another brown eyeshadow palette, which off course is true. Except that cool toned brown metallic with a duochrome shift you probably have all these colors already. To be completely honest, this is not the color story that makes my heart skip a beat either. With that said, if you do like browns this is a nice little palette with good quality and I am sure you like it. Even though I don’t find the color story to be the most exciting or inspiring I do actually wear a lot of browns and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this.


What are your thoughts? Would you like to have this palette, or does it feels like something you already have?

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4 thoughts on “Colourpop Brown Sugar Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


    This is a cute neutral palette! I haven’t tried anything for colourpop yet but this is definitely going on my want list! The pigment looks amazing 😍 xx


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